Yogurt/Curd :-

Saaol restricts milk to 200 ml of double toned milk or 500 ml of skimmed milk. Though milk is considered a very healthy food it is restricted because of its cholesterol and fat content. It becomes consumable by the heart patients once a large amount of fat is removed from the milk. People ask “what is the best way to consume this milk?” The best answer is Yogurt or Curd.
The difference between Curd and Yogurt is that in Curd about five types of bacteria called Lactobacillus are present whereas – in Yogurt only one strain is present. Curd can be prepared at home but Yogurt can only be purchased from the market.Yogurt/Curd can be used as Raita, Buttermilk or Church or just as it is.


  1. Yogurt/Curd is loaded with calcium, which is important in preventing osteoporosis.
  2. Yogurt/Curd is an excellent source of protein, as well as potassium, Vit.B12, magnesium.
  3. Yogurt/Curd contain live bacteria cultures that are also found in the human body and these live bacteria cultures are good for health.
  4. Yogurt/Curd also reduces gastrointestinal infections.
  5. Lactose in milk is converted by yogurt’s bacteria into lactic acid which helps to digest food.
  6. Many types of research show that Yogurt/Curd strengthens band stabilizes the immune system.