Yoga is one of the most ancient assets of our country; it was developed in India before 300 B.C. From ages, our Rishis and Munis have been practicing it to keep their mind, body, and soul fit. But, due to the advent of foreigners and ignorance from the government part this great heritage suffered a lot. After getting some stability, in the Mughal period, Yoga again saw a bit of rising, but the effort and awareness both were lacking. In the late 16th century due to the establishment of British government Yoga was almost lost from the country, as they believed and popularized modern allopathic medicine. That was the time when Medical Colleges were established in the country and Allopathy developed as a culture of treatment in India. It is in the middle of the 20th century that yoga again saw a rise. It got back the respect, importance, and attention it actually deserved.

Yoga is a complete way of living, consisting of basic principles of living life, control of posture, control of breathing, and control of the mind (called meditation). Yoga has been found to be helpful in almost every disease of man, especially lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases, and stress-related diseases.
Yoga helps to keep the whole body in a healthy rhythm, its rules and regulations and asanas help the body to work with harmony with its own different systems( like digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc.) and keeps us fit. But, the most important role of yoga is that it helps in relieving stress, which no medication or treatment could do. We all know that for a healthy body we need a healthy mind, and health of mind can only be achieved by keeping it relaxed, calm, and composed. Yoga does exactly the same; it distresses the mind and relaxes the whole system of the body, and keeps it strong and fit to survive in this stressful world.

In SAAOL we have made Yoga one of our important parts of the treatment, we organize special camps where we give special training of Yoga and guide patients to do it correctly. I have personally noticed the great reversal effect of Yoga in coronary artery disease and other diseases like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Yoga is very helpful in the treatment of diseases; it not only can stop its progression but can also bring a reversal in it.
Many times I have seen people getting confused, that how much is sufficient. They often do blunders in it, for example sometimes even when they have sufficient time; they just finish off all their yoga and meditation in 15- 20 minutes, considering it more than sufficient! I have also seen people doing it for 2-3 hours, cutting time for their other important work! Thus, I believe managing time for yoga, devoting optimum time on it, and choosing the most important Aasans (postures) and Kriyas (steps) is most important, for maximum benefit in minimum time. For the maximum benefit from yoga we have designed a program in SAAOL, which of only 35 min and it includes:

• 10 minutes of Saaol Health Exercises
• 10 minutes of Saaol Asanas
• 5 minutes of Pranayama
• 10 minutes of Meditation

Exercises include exercises for almost all body parts from the eye, face, ear, neck, face, shoulder, toes and heels, chest, waist, thighs, knees, and ankles. These exercises are very simple and easy to perform and do not take more than 10 min altogether to finish off.

Asanas include:
Standing Posture – Pada Hasta Asana and Trikonasana;
Sitting Posture – Shasankasana and Ardh Vakrasana;
Asanas Lying on the back – Uttanpadasana and Merudandasana; Asanas Lying on the abdomen – Bhujangasana Shalabhasana.