Winters and Some Common Health Issues

Winter is the season of joy! Sweaters, jackets, thermals are all set for chilling weather. The aroma of brewing coffee and ginger tea is all over in the air!! With all this, there are some common healths issues that are happening in winter:

1.) VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY: We need enough sunlight for vitamin D synthesis beneath the skin. Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption. This may be the reason for the lack of resistance in winter. Include foods like mushrooms, soy milk, milk products, beans, pulses. Vitamin D supplements can also help to fight the deficiency.

2.) HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Cold temperature makes your blood vessels narrow leading to high blood pressure. Drinking enough water and staying hydrating helps in maintaining blood pressure. It is also important to avoid salty, spicy and preserved foods.

3.) COMMON COLD: We face cold as a result of the loss of body heat, as the temperature outside drops down. Dryness in the atmosphere also leads to cold. Keep your body warm by including ginger tea, the traditional drink – Haldi Dudh (turmeric in milk), vegetable soups in winters. Sipping hot water throughout the day can also help in keeping your body warm.

4.) COLD HANDS & FEET: Many people, especially females, tend to have cold hand and feet. If toes and fingers are often cold and they turn white then you may have ‘Reynaud’s disease’. Vitamin B complex and vitamin E deficiencies are associated with cold hands and feet. Food including whole cereals and legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits can help to overcome these deficiencies.

5.) WEIGHT GAIN: Most festive seasons come in winters that involve large high-calorie meals. Remember not to binge on holiday sweets. The days are short; nights are long so much of time people are at home. That’s the reason behind weight gain. Compared to other seasons, the activity is less during the winters.

6.) DEPRESSION: The winter can make people depressed. Winter blues can cause some seasonal depression. In fact, the winter blues are described as a milder version of ‘seasonal affective disorder’. Be active, meet people, and eat healthy and fresh food. Engage in the activities you enjoy more and you can combat depression easily.