Lack of Knowledge: Full or Partial

There are basically two types of ignorance on any topic, one is complete and the other is partial; and Saaol must admit here on grounds of Saaol experience, that neither of them is less dangerous.

Most common do mistakes when they try to lose weight:
Skipping meals (especially breakfast): this is the most common mistake, done by obese people. Skipping meals is not only harmful in itself but also one way responsible for weight gain! More is the time we keep ourselves away from the food, lesser is the will power to refrain from high calorie food. A starved person will obviously eat veraciously whatever food he gets, and over fill himself with high calorie food, creating positive energy balance.
Making wrong food choices: many a times I have noticed that people make very basic mistake in choosing the food, for example fruit is far better option for all those who want lose weight but people prefer juices, considering them ‘light’ and the fact is that, if an apple would give you 50 Kcal energy then a glass of apple juice (if not sweetened artificially) would give 200 Kcal (because for a glass of juice at least 4 apples will be used and the leftover of the apple in process of juice making, otherwise also being fiber, aid nothing in calories), moreover an apple gives much more satiety than juice. Similarly, people prefer bread over chapattis again considering them ‘light’, are not aware that one piece gives exactly same calories as single chapatti, where bread gives far lesser satiety than a chapatti.
Taking heavy dinner: this is again very common mistake people do, which never let them lose their weight, no matter how much effort they put in.
Ignorance about calorie content of many foods: Saaol’s doctors have seen people eating several scoops of fried ‘bhujia” may be around lunch time and telling that this is first thing which is going in my mouth since morning. Do you know 1 scoop (tablespoon) of fried ‘bhujia’, gives 80 Kcal of energy? Can you believe it? This means if you are taking ‘only’ 5 scoops then also you are taking 400 Kcal of energy, something which is much more than what you should be taking in your breakfast!
As Saaol’s doctors consult the patients, sometimes doctors even get confused on patient’s rock stone confidence they show about their knowledge on fitness, diet and nutrition. Saaol find it easy to explain a complete ignorant person about healthy eating correct life style, than a half informed person.
So, as per our doctors’ experience Saaol have analyzed that the reason why people are not able to lose weight is basically lack of information full or partial. People lack simple and basic information about calories.
In SAAOL from past 25 years we have been providing patients with each and every information on diet and nutrition,(those which are relevant and make difference), like calories, chemical composition of food, balance diet, calorie content of the food etc, through our camps, lectures, educational CD’s and personal counseling. We have simplified the fundamentals of calorie counting to child’s play; all our patients are trained so much on this that they literally count calories of their each and every meal; this has helped them not only to lose extra weight but also maintain the lost weight. It is important not ‘learn’ the calorie content of the food, but to ‘know’ them, because information could be lost but not the knowledge. We believe that once a person is equipped with proper knowledge he will never do mistakes in making food choices.

Lack of Physical Activity

The biggest flaw in today’s lifestyle is perhaps lack of physical activity. From morning till night different modern and scientific equipment keep themselves active to make our lives as inactive as possible.

It is a well established fact that any effort of weight loss is incomplete without proper physical activity. Physical activity not only helps in reduction of weight but it also helps in maintaining vigor, strength, stamina and a proper body shape. As we said earlier physical activity does not always mean doing workouts in gym or jogging in park etc. we can increase our physical activity in our day to day life by changing our habits a bit some examples are:
• Park your car half a kilometer away from office and walk down the distance, it is easier to do than said, 500 meters could be easily covered in 10 minutes that too with normal pace. This much of walk if done twice daily is a major add on, in whole day workout routine.
• Use stairs instead of elevators or lifts, this even more feasible than the first option, as in today’s world staircase is most common feature in almost every residential or commercial building, you don’t need to especially go anywhere for this ‘workout’ at least.
• In office instead of using intercom always sometimes you can also go to other people desk, improved public relation would be bonus along with increased physical activity.
• Instead of spending time in front of TV, you can take out children in nearby park, involve them in some outdoor game in which you can also take part, this will not only increase your physical activity but would also improve family bonding.
• You can help in house hold chores, like refilling water bottles, clearing dining table, ironing your clothes or watering plants etc these little activities, this will not only keep you in touch with other family members but also give a sense of satisfaction apart from increasing a lot in your physical activity.
Thus, we see it is not impossible to increase our physical activity by doing little minor and healthy change in our lifestyle. Apart, from this Saaol personally believe a lot in yoga as a part of physical activity, it improves our blood circulation, respiration and other functions of the body.

Abundance of Food and Affluence

Economy seems to have taken jet speed of progress. Definitely this is an era of tremendous economic growth which has increased the purchasing power of people to the point where they can afford to indulge themselves in ‘extravagant purchase’, and this ‘power’ is turning out to be potential danger for them. We have seen people unnecessarily buying different food items, not knowing whether they actually require it or not, it is just picking as many food items as possible to eliminate all the chances of getting any food shortage in working days. Of course their choices are not always healthy and thoughtful; they pick up 3-4 strips of chocolates as they happen to see it behind butter bar they were picking for breakfast, or they pick cheese slice packet as they opened the freezer for curd box. They eat these high calorie foods more or less in same way; they put a chocolate cube in their mouth every time they open the fridge for water bottle! This keeps high calorie, tempting and more important their favorite food items always around and many a time in their mouth! They generally do not rely on hunger for food consumption, most of the times they respond to the calls of their ‘taste buds’ and to the thought of having delicious food around.
This certainly increases their total calorie intake up to the level of concern; a medium glass of cold drink gives calories equal to one chapatti or a cheese omelette taken as snack gives calorie equal to a big bowl of rice! And these things are apart from regular meal, thus calorie intake almost doubles by the end of the day. This irresponsible eating has rapidly increased the rate of obesity in urban India especially among the upper and upper middle class and the group most affected by it is children and youths. ‘Childhood obesity’ has become the recent area of concern in medical fraternity. In recent years the average age of getting lifestyle diseases has dramatically dropped from late 40’s to like early 40’s and even early 30’s as well. Changing lifestyle is not alone to blame for it, making worst food choices and illogical use of money together are working as cherry on the cake!
Few decades earlier there was not much money around to buy luxuries and expensive high calorie foods, but we are sure that also there would not have been requirement of spending even that much on healthcare as people are spending today. It is like, first buying illness and then trying to buy health! No doubt affluence and excess to high calorie food has opened doors of many unwelcomed guests like ‘lifestyle diseases’ for mankind and definitely at this point of time some immediate interventions at the level of public understanding and awareness is required otherwise this will take the country to the stage of ‘epidemic’ of these diseases.