Why milk is restricted for obese people?

Why milk is restricted to obese people?

Milk is an animal product and contains about 4-6% of fat. Moreover being an animal product it has cholesterol in it. Milk contains 11mg/100ml of cholesterol. Earlier people used to consume more milk and their hard-working lifestyle used to burn their extra calories. Present times people have a sedentary lifestyle and are not able to burn their calories, so milk is of no help instead it leads to problems.
In spite of the high content of fat milk is a good source of calcium, potassium, protein, and vitamins. It is liked all over the country and abroad.

There are two recommended way of fat removal –

  1. Milk should be boiled and allowed to thaw and cream on top of it is removed and then it is refrigerated. Again it is heated and the cream is removed. With this removal very little amount of cholesterol (5mg/100ml) is left. Saaol recommends 200ml of such milk in a whole day.
  2. There are many dairies and milk corporations, which are selling skimmed milk.