Saaol is not only a diet, but it is also a lifestyle solution. It also adds yoga, meditation, walk, and training of the mind to reduce stress and so on. It’s a way of living to be followed by anyone who wishes to keep himself or herself healthy and happy.

Saaol diet helps a patient to lose weight and to gain weight. It also helps to lower blood pressure, blood glucose levels. Saaol diet is so easy that anybody can follow it. Any adult above the age of eighteen years can follow the diet plan. This will not only keep her/him healthy but will allow her/him to keep a normal weight, normal blood pressure, keeping the energy level up. When a child grows in height and weight he needs a lot of energy and a lot of extra calories to support the growth. He needs a lot of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats along with minerals and vitamins. So the food should not be restricted. With the availability of fats, the body can get a lot of calories with little food, and the intake of fats is justified in the children of growing age.

But unfortunately these days we are getting very high numbers of Child obesity cases. With the improved economic prosperity (allowing people to buy expensive fat full diet) advertisement of fat-rich fats in the television, overfeeding and pampering of the children with chocolates, ice creams, chips, pizza, cakes, and burgers a large number of children become obese by the time they are ten years or so. Many parents, a conservative lot, who do not allow these western foods to give their children plenty of ghee, sweets, paranthas (thick chapatti with plenty of ghee). In the public schools, these days forty percent of children are obese. For these children, this revolution of diet will be very useful. Not only they will reach normal weight but they will develop a food habit which will help them to maintain a healthy body in the future when they grow up.

After the age of 20 till about 40 this diet should be followed if you really want to be healthy. This is the age when people get involved so much in work that sports and physical activity take a back seat. People get more sedentary, sit on the computers and chairs during the whole of the day and in the evening they will go to a dinner party or a restaurant to consume a heavy fatty diet followed by sleep. The calories get accumulated and ultimately obesity comes. These people are also in a stage when they are in search of prosperity, they have to balance their family life with heavy work pressure thus the stress remains high. They don’t get time to think about what they eat, start smoking many of these someday become a heart patient. For these people, the Saaol diet is going to be a boon and work as a protection to ill health.
After the age of forty, our body starts aging the degenerative diseases like arthritis, spondylosis, usually start. The Saaol diet becomes more relevant now. Little overweight, little high blood pressure, smoking, indulgence to rich food ultimately play havoc in the body, and diseases like heart disease surface. Saaol diet is also useful for those aged above sixty. Only that you need to add a lot of minerals, antioxidants in the food. For the ladies who are obese, have high blood pressure, have arthritis or those who are executives with a sedentary lifestyle Saaol program will be best suited.