What we eat as a food?

What do we eat as food?
We eat Salads, Chapati, Rice, Vegetables… As for example:

In South, India people eat-
Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, uttapam, Coconut chutney…

In North India, we eat-
Chapati, Dal, Rice, Vegetable, Parantha…

In America, we eat-
Sandwiches, Burger…

In Italy, we eat
Pizzas, Pasta…

Can you count the total number of dishes?

There will be hundreds and thousands of dishes in the whole world. Can you count the calories of all the dishes? No, it’s difficult. To make it easy our medical science has divided all the dishes into seven groups. All the dishes in the worlds can be put into two categories and seven groups.

  • CATEGORY I                                                               CATEGORY II
    CARBOHYDRATES                                                              VITAMINS
    PROTEIN                                                                               MINERALS
    FATS                                                                                            FIBRE
    The difference in the category I give calories and category II does not give calories for examples if we drink a glass of water it will give us zero calories. On the other hands.
    * 1 gram of CARBOHYDRATE give 4 cal
    * 1 gram of PROTEIN give 4 cal
    * 1 gram of FATS give 9cal

Components of Diet:
Fats such as all types of oils like Saffola/Dhara/Groundnut/Olive oil/Soybean oil/Ghee/Butter/Cream. Fats are the concentrated source of energy providing 9cal/gm and are made of fatty acids of different proportion.

PROTEIN such as animal food Milk/Meat/Fish/Eggs and plants food such as Legumes and cereals are a rich source of proteins. Animal protein is good in quality as they provide all the amino acids in right proportions but they are rich in cholesterol. A combination of Cereals, Millets, Pulses provides a better quality of protein. Protein performs a wide range of functions and also provide energy 4 cal/gm.
Now, whatever foods are left all are considered as CARBOHYDRATES such as Rice/Chapati/Potatoes/Glucose/Sugar. All cereals like Rice, Wheat, Bajra, Fruits, Orange, Apple, banana, mango, cheeku, papaya all come in carbohydrates. Let us see where all can carbohydrates be found.