What To Eat When You Visit Your Relatives/Friends?

Winter season has a wide variety of multicolour festivals. Most Winter festivals of India are held in the month of December to February. Festival means parties, a lot of sweets, oily food etc. Sometimes this leads to many health issues. Everyone can easily do various dietary modifications at their home. The problem arises when you go out for lunch or dinner to your relatives or friend. There are a few tips you can do in this situation:

• First, invite them to your home for Saaol Lunch Or Dinner, don’t tell them the secret of Zero Oil Food before having.

• Send your wife or any other member in advance to all your close relative and teach them how to prepare Zero Oil Food.

• Give Zero Oil Cook Book as a gift and tell them to cook different kinds of food from the book.

• Ask for fruits, juices and salads when they ask what you would like to have.

• Prefer chapati or bread instead of puri or parantha.

• Salads, bread with chutney or tomato sauces can be taken.

• Clear vegetable soup and dal soup can be taken in plenty.

• Curd or Raita can be taken Milk intake to be adjusted for the rest of the day.

• Chutneys can be taken (except coconut chutney) if there is no vegetable prepared without oil prefer desserts like custard, fruits, jelly, rice kheer.