What is SAAOL?

The SAAOL – Science And Art Of Living established in 1995 is the most comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation and Heart Disease Reversal Programme in India. Till now 6000 patients have been benefits from SAAOL Heart Program with a success rate of 98%.

Purpose: – To reduce the risk of heart disease through the complete change in lifestyle that includes diet modification, stress management, exercise, yoga, meditation, health education, and counselling. Our primary goal is to foster independence: enabling individuals to self- monitor their activities and to take primary responsibility for healthier lifestyle behavior and risk factor reduction.

In practical terms, the SAAOL offers the following:

1. Lifestyle Modification
2. Medical evaluation/Drug treatment
3. Risk factor evaluation/stratification
4. Exercise prescription based on individual functional a capacity
5. Personalized exercise programme
5. Personalized exercise programme
6. Education and support for risk factor modification
7. Dietary counseling
8. Smoking Cessation
9 Stress Management
10. Yoga
11. Meditation