What is Calorie?

Calories:- As we measure money in rupees, weight in kilograms, energy is measured in calories. Any work we do we need calories. If I talk for a minute, I will need about two calories. If I run, I need about 10 calories in a minute. For any work we need calories. Even when we sleep the body has to keep on beating the heart and breathing and these will need about half a calorie every minute.

How do we know that how much fuel is required by our body?

The answer is a requirement of fuel depends upon the physical Activity of the person. Physical Activity is directly related to the calorie requirement.
Let us make a list of our daily activities like reading, eating, sitting, driving, talking… for all these work our body spends very fewer calories. Such type of work is called Sedentary Work. So, how many calories are required by a sedentary worker. The answer is 1600 calories per day. But laborers and heavy workers require more calories as their physiology need is high.

What is your Calorie Spending?

In a day of normal activities for most of the common people(those not engaged in physical labour) require about 1600 calories in a day. A labourer may require 3000 calories. If you don’t do any work and only sleep throughout the day and night, you will probably require about 800 calories per day. I am giving you a chart about how many calories are usually required when one does usual activities.

 Work Approximate Per Minute                                                   Calories
1.               Sleep                                                                                    0.6 calories
2.             Reading                                                                                 1.4 calories
3.             Eating                                                                                    1.8 calories
4.           Converse                                                                                 1.8 calories
5.            Writing                                                                                   1.9 calories
6.           Standing                                                                                  2.2 calories
7.            Driving a car                                                                         2.1 calories
8.            Slow walking                                                                       3 to 4 calories
9.            Casual walking                                                                    4 to 5 calories
10.          Fast walking                                                                        6 to 8 calories
11.             Jogging                                                                             7 to 9 calories
12.            Running                                                                           10 to 12 calories.

The body requires minimum calories at the time of rest i.e.0.5 cal/min and at the time of running maximum calories are required i.e. 10-12 cal/min. A table for approximate energy expenditure is given below to roughly assess how many calories we use doing our daily regular activities.

Now, this is all about the expenditure. For expenditure, we need income i.e. money. Income for our body comes from the food that we eat.