The diet containing all the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre, water in optimum quantities and inappropriate proportions to meet the requirement of the body.
So, Calorie breaks up is:

Carbohydrate – 70% – 1120 calories(280gm)
Protein – 20% – 320 calories (80gm)
Fat – 10% – 160 calories

We don’t have to take fats at all so, where these 10% fats come from?
This 10% comes from all the pulses, cereals and vegetables. all the food we eat contains some amount of invisible fat(fat present as an integral component of plant and animal foods such as cereals, legumes, spices) in it. That is we do not have to take a visible fat (Fats and oils that can be used directly or in cooking).

Somebody asks a question, “When we have to eat this 1600 Calories? before breakfast or after breakfast? It is to be consumed in the whole day. How many times we eat the food.
Four times

BREAKFAST- 30% – 480 cal
LUNCH- 30%- 480 cal
TEA- 10%- 160 cal
DINNER- 30%- 480 cal

After dinner what we do? 
Nothing, we only go to sleep and in sleeping how much calories are spent i.e only 0.5 cal/minute.

Therefore, we reduce the calories by 5% and it is to be added to lunch.

Now the calories break up to 1600 calories is

BREAKFAST- 30%- 480 cal
LUNCH- 35%- 560 cal
TEA- 10% -160 cal
DINNER- 25%- 400 cal