There are two important things about weight loss during the last 24 years of experience in Saaol are as follows:

1.) Weight loss can be as easy as you want and as difficult as you want.

2.) Will power is not so important but the changing mindset is more important.

Mindset and Food Habit

Always weight loss is the centre of attraction. Numerous weight loss or slimming centres are popping up every next day. People join these centres to lose weight but give up after some time with varied reasons. A very common tendency of ours is that we cannot follow a certain set of rules most as adults when taught especially related to change in habit that is being followed for years. This is mainly because we are habitual of doing things in a certain way and have developed a mindset accordingly and is reluctant to change it. Therefore whenever a change is required people stick to the old habit. This is applied to all walks of life whether food habit, sleeping or anything else.
Over years a mindset is developed about liking if a particular taste and this is the prime culprit for making people break the rules. A big question arises “how this problem can be tackled?” The answer to this is very simple, it is only possible when we change our mindset and become flexible and open to adapt to new habits. Habits cannot be changed in a single day as it took years to develop so a slow and gradual change can be brought about so that before any harm is done, bad habit is already eliminated and improvement in health is initiated with an adaptation of healthy habits. By this it is not meant that food habits that are being followed since childhood is not healthy but certainly they do include things that are harmful to our health and it’s the fact that most of us are unaware. Saaol advocates the elimination of all types of fats and animal food. Only skimmed or double toned milk and its products (except ghee and cheese) are allowed.

Change in Mindset to lose weight

Coming to problem dealing with weight loss, mindset plays an important role. If we are able to change our mindset regarding eating which includes the amount of food and meal timings, we can easily tackle the problem we face in losing weight. We need to learn how to adapt ourselves to changing eating behaviour. This can be simply done by asking oneself not to eat even though we feel hungry at times because these types of hunger that occurs after eating are generally called as false hunger. There are times when we feel that we are hungry and start eating but the fact is that it is a false hunger leads to weight gain. Once we change our thinking or mindset we can easily avoid the false hunger by restricting ourselves from eating. Instead can ask ourselves to drink plenty of water and incorporate more salads. As salads contain very less calories and are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre they are considered a very healthy choice. So, whenever you feel hungry that’s untimely you can have water to hydrate yourself or can eat a huge plate of salad to curb your hunger. Always avoid fried or junk food, fruit juices, cold drinks and high sugar fruits and sweets as they increase weight. Besides this avoid cereals as they are carbohydrate-rich food and leads to weight gain. The very first question that will come to your mind is how much cereal to eat and how will you assess the quantity to be correct.

Physical Activity and Mindset

Mindset when changed makes you very comfortable in making changes in your daily routine. It becomes easier for you to make healthy choice, follow a healthy habit like going for walk, practising yoga or other workout regime. It is compulsory to practice some or the other type of exercise as control of food intake leads weight loss to a certain limit after which plateau occurs where the weight loss stops completely though you put in a lots of efforts. Regular workout doesn’t allow this to happen. But people start up with fitness program and leave it after sometime similarly as mentioned above about food habit giving excuses. They don’t realize that these excuses will harm their own health. Change of mindset is very important for this aspect too, as once you develop a habit of workout you won’t leave it but until and unless you change your mindset this won’t happen. Therefore we can conclude that weight loss is a complete game of mindset. Provided next is a sample menu for weight loss.

Weight loss Diet Plan at very fast speed

Breakfast: A huge plate of Fruits (avoid Banana, Mango, Cheeku, Litchi and Grapes)
Mid-morning: A full plate of Salad
Lunch: 2 Chapati + Dal + Sabzi + Salad
Evening; Vegetable Soup (without cream/butter/oil)
Dinner: Large serving of Vegetables (boiled or zero oil cooked) + Salad and if required some veg soup.
Note: Whenever you feel hungry drink water, no juices are permitted.