Understanding stress and its Effects on our Life…

Rational and Emotional Brain:
Stress is a phenomenon produced in the brain and thus we should discuss the structure of the brain before going further on the management of stress. From a functional point of view, our brain has two components – one the Rational Brain and the second – the Emotional Brain. The rational brain is called the Cerebral cortex and is responsible for all our day-to-day actions, thinking, learning speech, memory, understanding of the surroundings. The emotional brain is called the Limbic Cortex and is responsible for all-out emotional unsteadiness. Emotional brain contributes largely to our anger, irritations, greed, jealousy and so on.

  • Understanding stress and its Effects on our Life…
    Definition Of Stress:- Stress is a universal word which is being used by just about anyone, everywhere you go. A clear cut definition has not been evolved yet. Try defining it yourself and see the kind of difficulties you face!
    How to identify a stressed person?
    A good number of individuals I have met over the years do not agree that they are stressed. They simply cannot the fact that they have problems because they not been observant or have not tried to understand their responsibilities in different aspects of their lives. The success with money and a short lasting increased ego sometimes do not allow them to concede.

The following are some distinguishing features of excessive stress:-

Physical Symptoms:- Tensed muscles (shoulder ache, backache), Irregular breathing, Dry mouth, Sweaty, palms, Knots in the stomach, Shaky hands, Frequency of urination.

Behavioral Symptoms:- Smoking, Tobacco consumption, Repeated stimulant intake, Increased alcohol consumption, Nail biting, knee jingling, hair pulling, Reckless driving, Social withdrawal, Disinterested loo.

Emotional Symptoms:- Irritability, Short temper, Undue haste, State of anxiety, Feeling of depression, Irrational fear, Feeling of insecurity, Undue aggression, Sleeplessness, Bad dreams.

Cognitive Symptoms:- Loss of sense of humor, Loss of memory, Forgetfulness, Loss of common sense, Loss of clarity of thinking, Indecisiveness, Undue fear, Black and white thoughts.

Effects of stress on our body:-

  • Heart rate increases
  • Blood pressure increases.
  • Muscle tension increases.
  • Respiratory rate increases.
  • Oxygen consumption increases.
  • Spasm of arteries.
  • S. Cortisol increases.
  • Blood sugar increases.
  • The acid in stomach increases.