Types of Milks.

What is Toned Milk?
Toned milk is that milk, in which the fat content of the milk is reduced to a very less amount. Whole milk has around 4% fat, intoning of milk it is reduced to 3%. Toning can also be done at home.
In this process, milk is boiled and refrigerated the scum or malai is removed. SAAOL recommends 200ml of milk of this kind.

What is double Toned Milk?
Double toned milk is that milk in which the toning is done mechanically in the dairy. In this process, the fat content is reduced drastically in the dairy. In this process, the fat content is reduced drastically. The double-toned milk contains 0.5% fats. Heart patients can use this milk under SAAOL recommendation of 200ml/day.

What is Skimmed Milk?
Skimmed is another mechanical process in which the fat content of whole milk is reduced to around 0.1%. This milk is very good for those who wish to lose weight and also for the heart patient. 200ml of skimmed milk can be taken per day.

Can I take Condensed Milk?
Condensed milk is a concentrated form of milk. In which the liquid percentage of water is very less. In this milk the nutrients are dense. It is good for those who are willing to put on weight and is not a heart patient. But heart patient cannot take this milk because along with another nutrient like proteins, calcium, etc. fat content is dense. If this concentrated form of milk is taken it can lead further to blockages. So heart patient cannot take this milk.

What is Slim Milk?
Slim milk is nothing but another name of skim milk. To make people aware and conscious of their health, the dairy corporation e.g.(Mother Dairy, Nestle) has released this milk in tetra packs. Earlier milk powder was available but people wanted natural form(Liquid form). This milk is easy to consume and good for health.