Tips on Vijaydashami

Durga Puja is over. These nine days denote the awakening of Divinity — that quality of the Mother Divine that does not negate anything, yet nurtures the good qualities. Supporting the positivity in us and skillfully removing the negativity can be learned by invoking and awakening this Divinity within us.
Now we wish each other on Vijay Dashami, the tenth day of Durga Pooja, the day when the goddess supposedly returns to her abode in Kailash. Durga Puja is a celebration of divine feminine power and victory over the evil demon ‘Mahishasura’ who was blessed not to be defeated by any man or God. The collective energy of all Gods created Goddess Durga, who then defeated and killed the demon king Mahishasura after ten days of fighting. Hence, the day of Durga’s victory, which is the final day of the celebration, is also celebrated as ‘Vijayadashmi’ – meaning “victory on the 10th day.”
Today is the day of celebration. Also, people eat a variety of food at the festival. Eating food is essential for all of us, it keeps us alive and gives us enjoyment at the same time. We are not saying you not to enjoy, but we are saying you please keep in mind that you are heart patient. You have to focus on what you are eating. Here are some tips, which you all have to follow in the festival whether you are heart patient or not:

  1. Portion control is the key. Have three regular meals without skipping any. This maintains the energy levels.
  2. Avoid deep-fried food.
  3. Stay hydrated with smoothies, coconut water, limewater, fresh juices, and lassi, which will maintain the optimum fluids that the body needs.
  4. Avoid late-night snacking as this can cause indigestion.
  5. It is not necessary that you have to eat only oily foods like puri, halwa, etc, but you can enjoy the festival by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. This will gives essential vitamins to all.