Human body is like a factory where 10000 billion people work in synergy continuously. All the work is divided properly. The management system is fantastic. There is a head office the brain, which is connected with the whole body by nerves and neurochemicals. This brain is also connected with the surroundings with five sensory organs. The bones and the muscles (structural engineering department) give support to the whole factory and allow different movements on instructions from the head office. The respiratory tract provides oxygen to utilize the food (energy utilization department). The heart system or cardiovascular system (transport and distribution department). The responsibility is to carry all the necessary items to the whole of the 10000 billion workers working continuously and without fail – for years. Kidneys works as the (sewage disposal department). One branch of it is endocrine system (internal management department) another one is Immune System (defense department) the third is blood cells, bone marrow (internal workshop and repair system). There is a photocopy department (reproductive system) which can make a new copy of the body.

The Human Brain (Head Office)

There are nerves (in millions) which are connecting the brain with whole of the body each nerve reporting and taking orders from every brain areas. There is a center (called Hypothalamus) which regulates all the automatic working of the body like heart, breathing, movement of food, heart beating and blood pressure etc. there are special areas which can think, analyze and plan for all our actions. There are coordination areas which help in coordination of two or more areas. Information receiving areas are touch area, vision area, hearing area, smell area, and taste area. Particular areas of brain are responsible for speech, movement of muscles and joints, balance of the body. For those organs which need to have very precise movements like fingers of the hands larger area of the brain is allotted.

Digestive System (Energy Processing Department)

This is our digestive system (medically called Gastro Intestinal Tract) whose job is to provide food to the body after complete processing (digestion). It starts with the mouth and ends at the rectum. Whatever food we provide (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) in the form of any preparation it can break them and digest them to smallest particles which will be handed over to the blood in the intestine. It is much more advanced than a diesel or petrol car – which can only utilize a particular fuel.

Respiratory System (Energy Utilization Department)

Once the food is ready in the blood, it can be utilized only when it is accompanied by oxygen. This vital oxygen is so important that without it, even for duration of few minutes, all the workers of the body (cells) will die as the food cannot be utilized.
To provide this oxygen continuously there are millions of air sacs in the lungs where the oxygen from the atmosphere is passed on to the blood. This blood, which is the transport medium, will in turn give this oxygen to each and every cells of the body. Utilization of food particles will be now possible and the cells have the energy to work and be alive. The control of the respiratory system (breathing) is controlled by the brain in an automatic way so that it keeps on working even if the brain (head office) is sleeping.

Some other departments are:

Structural Engineering Department – Musculo Skeletal System
Transport and Distribution Department – Heart, Blood Tubes and Blood
Sewage Disposal Department – The two Kidneys
Maintenance and Welfare Department – The Hormones (Insulin, Thyroid and other hormones)
Photocopy Department – The Reproductive System