The commonest form of lifestyle, which people have in this modern era, is the sedentary lifestyle. Very few are involved in a regular physical activity. Most of us have a lifestyle which has minimal physical work, no exercise, and bad dietary habits i.e. sedentary lifestyle.

Now, it is known to all that fat forms blockages in the arteries (tubes which carry blood) like coronary arteries. These fats are called cholesterol and triglycerides. They get deposited in layers over a period of years. When these blockages become significant the tubes (arteries) get choked leading to a disease called coronary artery disease (angina, heart attack).

In the past 50 years, cholesterol (an animal fat) was considered as the only constituent of the blockages. It was only in the last one decade or so that triglycerides (a plant fat) have been found to be equally responsible for creating a blockage. Triglyceride is the chemical name, known to the common man as “cooking oil”. The oil manufacturing companies exploited the naivety of the people, misled them to believe that oils are harmless by promoting their sales with captions like “cholesterol free” or “zero cholesterol oil”. Well, it is true that oil does not have cholesterol because it is made from plant seeds whereas cholesterol comes from animal products (meat, milk and their products). The layman started buying these oils. What they failed to realize was that these oils are also a hundred percent fats because they are triglycerides and triglycerides are equally harmful. Oils also have high calories content (each gram gives nine calories) that can lead to obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It is best to minimize the fat content in our food (optimum requirement of fat by the body is 10% of the total calories).

This can be easily obtained from all the food items, as every food contains oil known as invisible fat or hidden fat. This means that all the visible source of fat should be completely cut down. Now, this would raise a query: How to prepare delicious food without oil?

What if the food is prepared without oil?

Will the taste be there/ If you think rationally the answer would be yes. The taste comes from the spices (masalas). The oil itself does not add taste. It is our mindset, which was trained to believe all these years, which the masalas get removed automatically. This happens because of them in the frying pan. This prompted SAAOL to develop the concept of “zero oil”. By “zero oil” we mean cooking without using a single drop of oil. SAAOL cooks the spices and food in water and since the spices are there the color, taste and flavor remain intact.

SAAOL also realize that the mindset of people finds it difficult to accept water as the cooking media. So we have named water when used as cooking media, “SAAOL Oil”. By introducing the zero oil concept in your cooking there will be no risk of taking in cholesterol and triglycerides. This can also be helpful in reducing weight since the high-calorie gain from fat is removed.
We can now aptly say that SAAOL Oil contains no fat, no cholesterol and good for health.