Some Evidences of Heart Attack Prevention

The number of heart patients is growing at a very high speed in India and in almost all the countries of the world. From 2010 to 2015 in India, the number of heart patients has increased by about 30% in all age groups. This is because of problems of Strategy. The focus of the cardiologist is not to look at solving the reasons of the disease but do perform as many operations as possible. Instead of preventing heart attacks – they are geared up to solve the complications once the heart attack takes place. Heart patients are mostly not aware about the steps to make sure that heart attacks do not take place – as the cardiologists are reluctant to tell them that. The net result is “Heart attacks are increasing”. The cardiologists are happy by minting money and increasing the importance as “life saver” at the time of emergency.  
What is needed is a complete plan to educate people that most of the heart attacks will not take place if they make certain changes in their life. This should be in the first agenda of the cardiologists, heart institutes, state and the union government. While the efforts of the government is limited to mostly in research and statistics – Saaol has come up with practical, cheap and complete plan to prevent heart attacks. While the most respected study in this field (Inter Heart Study) showed that more than 90% of heart attacks are preventable by controlling 8 factors – Saaol has reached to the grade of 98% protection from heart attacks. This plan is Saaol Safety Circle. 

Heart Attack figures:

Heart Attacks are the cause of death of almost 25-30% of the population today and all these heart attacks can be prevented from occurring. According to the 2018 Global Burden of Disease, India – heart attack/coronary heart disease is the number one cause of death in this country. About 9000 people die of heart attacks everyday in India – which makes it one death per 10 seconds. About 900 of them are below 40 years. Heart attack kills more than 30 lac (3million) people in India in a year.

Evidence of Reversal: Dr. Dean Ornish

Dr. Dean Ornish, who treated the US president Bill Clinton and became famous for his landmark study “Lifestyle Heart trial” conclusively, proved that heart disease, can be reversed by lifestyle change. He guided his patients to avoid all animal foods, stop all oils, cut down stress, do Yoga, do extra physical exercise for 1 year and then for 5 years. He performed angiographies of them before and after the lifestyle treatment and showed conclusively that the blocks can be reversed. His studies were published in a dozen prestigious medical journals like Lancet, Journal of American Medical Association and NEJM. He was the first doctor who could demonstrate the benefits of lifestyle change and reversal of heart disease by lifestyle change. 
If the blocks can be reversed the endothelial membrane will be less stretched and the chances of Heart attack will be almost zero.

INTER HEART Study: the biggest trial on heart attack

INTERHEART study compared 15000 heart attack patients with another 15000 age matched normal persons in 52 countries and showed that 90-95% of the heart attacks occurred because of eight Risk factors. Controlling each of them would aid in prevention of heart attack. He showed most important factor in causing heart attack are lipids (read Cholesterol and Triglycerides, HDL). The second is Smoking or Tobacco. The third is Psychological stress. The rest five were High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, diet and Physical activity. His research proved that 90-95% of heart attacks can be prevented. Dr. Salim Yusuf, a Canadian researcher who is respected all over the world, headed this study. 

Impotant Note from SAAOL: 

Saaol is working for 24 years on ground with more than 200,000 heart patients in its credit – across India and abroad. Saaol’s practical experience of treating heart patients has lead to wisdom which formulated the Safety circle. The Saaol Safety Circle has more power than what Dr. Dean Ornish’s advice, and more effectiveness in preventing heart attacks as suggested by INTERHEART STUDY. It has power to stop 98% heart attacks occurring in this country and the world. Only future will tell how much we can help in stopping most of the heart attacks across the world. Please wait and see….