Simple Rules for SAAOL Spirituality

Everyone wants to have happiness, peace and live a life of no quarrel, no tussle but complete satisfaction. But no one knows the rules of such a treasure. Saaol has gone into the details of life of so many people very deeply, discussed their problems with lacs of people in the last 24 years. Everyone has contributed little to this theory of “Individual Spirituality” which we now call “Saaol Spirituality”.

To become spiritual you have to decrease ten bad habits of yours. These are listed below:

1.) Greed, Desires, Expectations
Sexual life out of control
3.) Anger
4.) Ego
5.) Attachment
6.) Jealousy
7.) Hate
8.) Revenge
9.) Instant Reactions
10.) Excess urge of food

To become spiritual you have to increase ten good habits of yours. These are listed below:

!.) Contentment
3.) Forgiveness
4.) Kindness
5.) Friendship with all
6.) Modesty
7.) Love
8.) Accept Change
9.) Live in present
10.) Speak less

To become very happy in life – follow10 “S” of life. The more you are able to follow the more happiness you will have.

1.)  Service
2.) Smile
3.) Simplicity (Behavior, Clothes, No Luxury, Thinking)
4.) Sacrifice
5.) Satisfaction
6.) Sacredness
7.) Spirituality
8.) Share (but not insult)
9.) Soundness in economy
10.) Stress reduction to 50%