Seven F’s for one’s Health

Health is wealth. All the other facilities in the world can be procured but health cannot be bought. World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as not merely absence of disease but also best of Physical, Psychological and Social well being.

1.) Flexibility
Your child can run, bend, turn or stretch his body very easily in compare to your middle-aged body. Because as we grow older the strength and elasticity of body muscles, joint naturally replaced by stiffness and toughness, that results in pain in joint, aches. To improve flexibility routine stretching exercises, yoga – that consist of gradual movements.

2.) Fitness
Fitness is the ability of the body to do an increasing amount of exercise or physical labour with ease. To increase collateral and cardiorespiratory efficiency your exercise program must involve aerobic exercises i.e. walking, jogging, bicycling, and swimming, they will deliver extra oxygen to the heart.

3.) Food
The 4 main factors in our food that will lead to good health:
• The first step is to reduce fat intake by adopting “Zero Oil Cooking” (except children below 18 yrs)
• Discard all Animal Products from your Diet.
• Increase Fruits and Vegetable intake.
• Include Cereals and Pulses as they are good source of Carbohydrates and Protein.

4.) Figure of the Body
According to the height of the person, there is a range of ideal body weight and when our bodyweight cross this range, layers of fat get start depositing under the skin and around vital organs (heart, liver, kidney etc) and affects their functions. BMI should be 23-25.

5.) Free from Stress
Stress is necessary for us to perform if there is no stress, there will be no work. So we should have some optimal stress, which is 50% of maximum stress.
SAAOL’s five principles to achieve optimal level are-
• Avoid overloads.
• Balance the sectors of life (read previous blogs for understanding sectors of life)
• Understand and reduce the production of stress.
• Communication skill should be good.
• Practice to methods of relieving stress.

6.) Fat levels in the blood
The main part of this blood fat is Cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Triglycerides. Avoid all animal food, avoid all types of oil (follow Zero Oil Cooking), and avoid all Nuts and Seeds. To increase HDL or the good Cholesterol one must walk regularly, eat green vegetables and manage stress.

7.) Fullness of Energy / Vitality
There are some people who are not only healthy but they radiate energy and vitality. Whole day they will work but in the evening also they will be full of energy. Those who lack this character will be tired, lazy, depressed with a negative attitude. If you take foods adequate in calories, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins your vitality will definitely improve. Optimum stress levels (50%) are also very important to achieve this vitality. Optimum means not too much and not too less.