Saaol want to break this wrong way of cooking. Ninety percent of our foods can be made without a drop of oil and the taste will be intact. We must know how to make all the foods without the addition of extra fats while cooking. Nature has provided adequate amounts of fat in every food which can take care of our minimum fat requirement. Thus we will call this diet “Zero oil Diet”.

Another component of fat that leads to heart disease, the highest killer disease in the world, is Cholesterol. Though it provides hardly any calories it clogs the heart arteries and brain arteries. The result of excess intake of this Cholesterol is a heart attack (cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction stand for the same) and cardiovascular accidents (called CVA or Stroke, Paralysis). The only source of cholesterol in our food is Meat and non-vegetarian food. So, as per the healthy diet criteria, I would recommend people to avoid all the meat and become vegetarians. Milk and dairy products also contain Cholesterol but the beauty is that the fats and Cholesterol can be removed from the milk before consumption. So Saaol allow people to drink skimmed milk and products made from the same.

Saaol diet also involves the training of the follower or family members (especially the wives who mostly are incharge of cooking) on how to cook the food without oil. The cooking with oil or visible fats like butter, ghee had been developed centuries ago and people have been learning this cooking method from their mothers for decades. In the meantime with the advancement of science and technology we have gradually reduced our hard physical activity and exercises (many a time due to lack of time also). Thus our calorie consumption has also gone down. So, we must consume low calories otherwise obesity will develop.
Thus we should now find a cooking medium that has no calories. For Saaol (Science and Art of Living) cooking this medium is water. The cooking training would thus teach people about how to cook without oil using water. Once you know the concept which just takes half an hour you will understand the way of Saaol cooking. We would allow the use of salt, sugar, or any other spices so that the taste of the food is not compromised.

Saaol concept is not only about food preparations and cooking. It also wants people to change their lifestyle understand their mindset, the realities of life, regular walk of half an hour, the practice of Yoga and Meditation, manage their stresses, and balancing the sectors of life. Only a peaceful and healthy mind would allow you to be steady in your life, adhere to food habits, and be consistent with your relations and work. To sum up, again this Saaol diet involves understanding scientific aspects of our food, being able to count your calorie intakes and modulate your calories, a zero oil cooking training, a simple user-friendly way of counting calories, thousands of recipes, and following a healthy lifestyle which involves little yoga, a little walk and lots of practical training of your mind. As you go on reading you will understand that Saaol is a new way of living in the best possible way.