Saaol’s Principles for a Happy Life

If all people accept happily their past, accept people around them as they are and also accept the system. Then there is a question that what should one plan for his/her future? How should they proceed that their life is happier now?
There are five things that you need to take care well – for the future. These are your Money system, your Work, your Group, your Health, and your Spirituality. Let’s see what are the major points that need to do for each of them.

  1. Money Sector: The major point you have to assure that your income is always more than your expenditure.
    Money is very important in today’s life without it you cannot have any happiness. For this either you increase your income or you cut down your needs and expenditure.
  2. Work Sector: Whenever work you do throughout the day, whatever profession you are in you should love your work. This is the formula of lifelong happiness. If you cannot love your work change your work. The next option is like what you have to compulsorily do.
  3. Group: Major part of group is your family, besides your friends, colleagues, neighbours. To keep the family happy you have to take an interest in the interest of each of the family members, give them time and do honestly your role. Cut down your expectations from them do things for the family and do not expect returns from them.
  4. Health: Health is wealth. Having good health may not be felt but when you have bad health you can feel it. Then it hurts badly. Most people ignore health but when they lose it they suffer and take efforts to improve health. To keep good health you should develop fitness (walking is the best), flexibility (yoga), good food habits (avoid fats and have more cereals, fruits and vegetables) and avoid excess stress.
  5. Spirituality: Development in this field is very much needed to remain permanently happy. If you can make good progress in this field your emotions will come under control. To tame the emotional mind spirituality must be developed.
    Going to the Temple, Church, Mosque, Satsang or listening to the Guru in TV – helps but as you come out you again change back. Development of spirituality is more permanent. To develop spirituality we must increase a few things and decrease a few things consciously. The more you can do the more happy more peaceful you will become.

    To get spiritual you need to increase the following:
    • Contentment
    • Tolerance
    • Forgiveness
    • Modesty
    • Kindness
    • Love
    • Friendly attitude
    • Accept changes in society
    • Start living in the present

Simultaneously, you need to reduce the following:
• Anger
• Greed/Desires/Expectation
• Ego
• Uncontrolled Sex
• Over attachment
• Jealousy
• Hate
• Revenge
• Instant reactions