SAAOL’s Dietary Tips For Travellers

Saaol’s Dietary Tips for Travellers

Dietary modifications can be easily followed if you are at home. However, the problem arises when you step out of your home, especially while travelling when it becomes difficult to get something exactly according to your specifications. At such instances, you have to make your own choices and develop easy to carry foods with you.

Items to carry while travelling

• Instant soup mixes can be easily reconstituted with hot water and the soup is ready.
• Salad items can be any seasonal vegetable like tomato, cucumber, cabbage, onion etc.
• Sprouted dals like moong, moth and chana or boiled pulses like rajma, chana, lobia etc. can be instantly seasoned with a little chaat masala to make a tasty salad.
• Any seasonal fruit can be had whenever hungry.
• Idli, dhokla, khaman can be taken as light snacks.
• Khakra, a Gujarati dish, is like a chapati, can also be an easy snack.
• Sandwiches can be easily made using chutneys and salads.
• Bread, kulcha, pao can also be taken along with chutney and salads.
• If not a diabetic, for sweets, sweet petha and murabba can be carried along.
• Nothing can be as handy as murmure, popcorn, roasted chana, Marie biscuits for snacks.
• Boiled potato, sweet potato make an appetizing chaat using spices, lemon and chutneys.
• On a short trip, you can prepare your own vegetable, pulses, boiled rice or chapati and carry along if possible.
• Lemon or any other vegetable pickle which is prepared without oil can also be taken along.