SAAOL’s Advice on World Heart Day


In honor of World Heart Day, we are asking you to make a promise. A promise to eat healthier, to get more active, to say no to smoking. A simple promise to my Heart, for your Heart, for all our Hearts!!! We focus on looking after your own hearts, and the hearts of your loved ones.

The most prevalent cause of mortality in people is Cardiovascular Disease. Yet even we have to educate more and more people about Heart Disease. Heart disease is very susceptible to lifestyle modifications, and simple interventions like monitoring and controlling high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels; managing diabetes appropriately; encouraging good nutrition, follow zero oil diet and modest exercise; and stopping smoking have been shown to reduce heart disease significantly.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, take plenty of fluids, and take low-fat dairy and its products. Milk restriction is necessary for all heart patients i.e. 200ml per day. Milk products should be in this 200 ml. Zero oil food helps a heart patient very much. Cholesterol’s and triglycerides’ levels decrease by following zero oil diet. With this, heart patients have to do walking, exercise, yoga, and meditation to keep his/her heart-healthy.

Heart patients should not do some things. First, they should not take any kind of oil or ghee for their healthy heart. They should not include any kind of animal products like any form of meat, fish, and egg. They should not take any kind of stress. They should stay away from smoking and alcohol.

The food we eat will affect the heart. If we drink caffeine, the heart speeds up. If we eat too much fat, our heart tends to end up encased in fat. Obesity is a key risk factor for heart disease and is often associated with high blood pressure and diabetes – both of which can harm the heart. The SAAOL diet has gained attention for its beneficial effect on heart health. But it is not all about what we eat. Being active is also key to keeping our heart healthy.

Keeping a healthy heart does not only rely on our genes. To sustain good cardiovascular health, we need to consider our diet, lifestyle, and our surrounding environment.

Heart Day was set up to drive home the message that heart problems can be prevented. Take steps to reduce your own risk and the risk of others as well. “On this World Heart Day, SAAOL hope we can spread this very obvious message to a big audience.”