This is the basic and simple concept of weight gain and loss. It is something like putting petrol in our car. If our car consumes about 10 liters of petrol and we put 10 liters in the car daily, the storage tank will remain as it is. But if we keep on putting 15 liters per day the fuel tank will first fill up and after a few days, it will start overflowing. The same concept applies to our body if we need 1600 calories and eat food worth 1600 calories the bodyweight will remain the same. But if put 2000 calories worth food in our body will have to store these extra four hundred calories in our fat cells. It is something like our body’s fuel tank is stretchable it will not waste the calories but will expand the storage area or capacity all over the body. The fat cells will increase in size and number to accommodate these extra calories. If the intake of these extra calories goes on soon there is substantial storage of fats and the result is obesity.

Some of these extra fats will also deposit in our heart arteries and cause heart problems. Obesity will also lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. There are two ways we can tackle the problem of obesity. One we keep on moving our muscles and consume more calories (thus requiring 2000 or so calories per day) and the second we understand the concept of calories and modulate our food intake in such a way that we land up consuming fewer calories. Both ways we may be able to produce a shortage of calories in our body and utilize our fat storage.

Think of the first way of exercising and walking. About 30 minutes of walk time taken out from your busy schedule will consume about 100 more calories and an equal amount of hand exercise will consume about 200 calories. Good enough for your body’s vitality as well. But only 300 calories in one hour! It may be very difficult for anyone to spare more than this daily, especially in today’s hectic schedule.

The second concept is reducing the intake of calories in our food. With little knowledge and guidance. It is very easy to reduce 400-500 calories in your food.