We, at SAAOL, teach people all the parts of Yoga in modified form. The physical part of the Yoga is Yogic Postures. This can be also called Hatha Yoga. For the heart patients, we developed two sets of Yogic movements – Saaol Heart Exercises (SHE) and Saaol Heart Asanas (SHA). Saaol Heart Exercises are unnamed Yoga based exercises which move every joint and muscles of the body and prepare the body for the next step – the SHA (Saaol Heart Asanas). These exercises are easy to do and can be done by heart patients even in advanced stage.
Stand comfortable. And do the following movements.

For Eyes

1.) Keep the head steady and look up and down a few times.
2.)Then look to your right and left and further rotate your eyeballs. Try to cover maximum range of vision.
3.) Rub your palms warm and put them over both eyes and blink.

For Neck

1.) Rub your palms together vigorously a few times and rub the back of the neck alternatively.
Repeat the same from the front 5 times.
3.) Bend your neck backward as much as possible and then touch your chin to the chest by bending forward. Repeat this 5 times.
4.) Turn your neck thoroughly from the left side over the Shoulders and vice versa.
5.) Bend your neck alternately to both the sides; try to touch the ears to the left and right Shoulders alternately.
6.) Rotate the neck starting with the chin touching the chest with the eyes shut. Turn to the right with the eyes opened, ears touching the shoulders and rolling further through the back looking up. Continue with the left ear touching the left shoulder and returning to chin on chest, with eyes closed. Do the same movement in both directions twice.

For Ears

Start with holding the upper portion of both ears with the thumbs and the index finger.

1.) Pull both ears up.
Pull straight out at the middle portion.
3.) Pull down the lower lobes.
4.) Cover both the ears completely with the palms press and relax without taking away the hands to create a vacuum in ears.
5.) Make a fist with three fingers and Thumb, leaving the index finger free. Now with the index fingers rub the front of the ears.
6.) With the same fingers now rub the back of the ears.

For Face

1.) Rub your face gently using both the palms.
Experience the warmth of the palm.
3.) Savour the relaxation.

For Shoulders

1.) Keep your arms hanging straight down by your sides with fists closed. Inhale and raise the shoulders up and bring them down as you exhale. Don’t bend the elbows during this movement.
Rotate the shoulders backwards to forward keeping the arms relaxed and repeat it forward to backward (5 times each).
3.) Bend your arm, fingers and thumb together touching the shoulders. Inhale and rotate the arms forward to backward and then backwards to forward, while exhaling.

For Chest

1.) Bend both arms inwards, bringing the palms over the chest, facing it, with the middle fingers meeting at the middle of the sternum.
Inhale and extend the left hand, at hill and bring it to its former position. Repeat the exercise with the right hand (5 times each) and then do it with both arms 5 times.
3.) Keep the hand in front of the thighs. Inhale and raise the left arm touching the ear without bending the spine, bring arms down and exhale. Repeat it with the right arm and then with both the arms simultaneously five times.

For Waist

Keep the feet apart at shoulder- width; the arms hanging down by the sides of the body.

1.) Raise hands sideways, above the head while inhaling, bend at the waist about 30 degrees or more to the left while exhaling, Bring left hand near the knee, band neck to the left, drop the left hand also over the head, inhale and exhale three times. Reverse the process and come to the normal posture. Repeat the movement on the right side. Do at least two rounds of this exercise.

2.) Lock the fingers and raise hands.
a) Turn on palms upwards towards the sky.
b) Bend at waist 30 degree or more to the left, arms straight with ears towards the left shoulder.
c) Return to position 1.
d) Bring the arms down; repeat it to the right (2 rounds).

3.) Keep the palms together.
a) Inhale and raise the hands upwards, arms straight touching the ears.
b) Exhale and bend 30 degrees or more to the left (inhale and exhale five times).
c) Return to the position (a).
d) Bring the arms down, repeat it to the right.

a) Inhale, the arms forward to the shoulder height, apart from at chest level, keeping palms facing each other.

b) Twist at the waist so that first the relaxed right-hand goes to the left shoulder. Then take your left hand to the right hip (inhale and exhale five times).
c) Inhale and come to position (a).
d) Exhale and bring the hands down and repeat the same on the right side (3 rounds).

For Thighs and Hips

Stand straight, keep the legs apart about 15 to 20 cm and strike the buttocks with the heel gently; alternately.

For Knees

Stand straight; keep the legs apart about 15 to 20 cm.

1.) Let your left heel hit the hip; then stretch the leg forward feeling jerk at the knee. Do the same with right leg. Keep the first two movements slow through the range of the motion. Repeat this movement five times.

2.) Place your hands on the waist keeping your thumbs in the front. Keep both feet 30 cm apart. Keep the body straight and bend knees as low as possible, then, come up. Repeat this movement five times.

For Ankle Joints

Raise the left leg a little above the ground. Move the ankle up and down 5 times. Then rotate ankle from clockwise and anticlockwise. Repeat it with the right leg also.

For Toes and Heels

Walk forward a few steps on your toes, and work backwards on your heels. This allows the sole and the arch of the foot to get stretched