Saaol developed more than 1000 recipes for those who want to prevent heart disease or reverse them by entirely changing the way we cook and created “Zero Oil Cooking”. This is the future way of cooking and is gradually getting more and more popular. Our cooking videos are having more than 2 million views on YouTube. About 2 lac families of our patients are cooking through this new method. The taste remains very good and the food is also healthy for heart, Diabetes, High BP, and Obese (the four most dreadful and common health problems in the whole of the world).
Besides cooking, we must know the composition of the diet. It should have balanced proportions of all the food items namely – Carbs (Carbohydrates), proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Fats are bad as they create diseases like Heart disease, obesity; they also help to make Diabetes and High BP worse. So, they must be minimized. A high protein diet, especially Meat, leads to cancer and kidney problems. Out of Carbs – simple carbs like sugar are bad. So, looking at the modern times where we do less exercise it is ideal that we cut down fats drastically; cut down proteins and simple carbs, and have plenty of Complex Carbohydrates and vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers. This is what Saaol Diet is.

Those who are normal weight having no chronic diseases probably do not need any special diet program. But many times we find a healthy-looking person suddenly gets Heart Attack. The cause we find is probably high levels of fats (Cholesterol, Triglycerides) in the blood. Then a healthy-looking person suddenly finds that he/she has Diabetes. People may have High Blood Pressure or Obesity – thus they need a special diet. So, most of the special diets are meant for some disease conditions.

Today the most common problems of the world where the diet is the major contributor are Obesity (overweight) and Coronary blockages. To control obesity one has to cut the calories in the diet. The food which has the highest amount of calories is fat (9 calories per gram). The second is Cereals (Roti/Chapati, Rice /Rice products), Dalia, and Bread) which have 4 calories per gram. For obesity – both have to be cut or reduced in amount.
Three popular kinds of diets – Atkins, Keto Diet, and Paleo diet cuts down the cereals but are liberal in fat intake. All three supplied 70% of daily calories from fats. It worked well for many as Cereals are withdrawn – cutting down the Carbs – the main source of calories for many. But it was not good for the heart. For the heart condition, two diets are considered moderately effective – Mediterranean diet, American Heart Association diet which allows only 30% of calories from Fat. Dr. Dean Ornish, who was the first doctor to prove the reversal of heart disease by lifestyle change, advocated only 10% calories per day from fats. Saaol diet is an Indian modification of the Ornish diet. Developed by Dr. Bimal Chhajer, Saaol allows lower proteins and advocates “Zero Oil Cooking”. Saaol has two versions of diet – one for losing weight and others for gaining weight. Gaining a weight diet has more cereals and fewer salads, fruits, and vegetables. Losing weight diet has more salads, fruits, soups, juices, and vegetables but the cereals are restricted.