Obesity is the root cause of most of the modern-day diseases, especially like diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, knee, and ankle pain, spondylitis, etc. Wherever you go for the treatment for either of the disease and if you are overweight then definitely Doctor is going to ask to maintain your weight because without that proper maintenance of this disease is impossible. Weight reduction could be called the most effective treatment for these diseases and Saaol is a hundred percent sure that all Saaol’s doctors would agree to Saaol on this point. But, in spite of knowing all these Doctors generally have very casual approach toward this aspect of the treatment, without counseling patients about the diet and calories they just ask them to reduce their weight, at most in some of the hospitals they are provided with a pre-prepared diet plan, irrespective of their routine and requirement, which of course is not of much use. The result is that the patients come out from the hospital with long medicine prescriptions, heavy bills, and lots of confusion for what has to be done next! Saaol considers this, the most irresponsible behavior a medical organization could show, as in this case patient is only partially treated and left majorly unattended, an absolutely halfhearted approach for the wellness of the patient.

Now, the patient totally confused starts making efforts to lose his weight by the means he founds handy. It could be anything from starving to skipping meals or trying some fancy diets like juice diet ( all day juices), fruit diet (all day fruits), Atkin diet (high protein diet), etc. After sometimes the harmful effects of such non-scientific weight loss starts showing up, loss of vitality, acidity, malnutrition, irritability, lack of concentration, anemia, constipation, etc. are very general problems which arise due to prolong hunger or very unbalanced and reduced diet moreover the day he comes back to his normal diet he starts gaining all the lost weight, which further worsens his condition.

Try to follow Saaol diet because it is practical, simple, and relevant to everybody and most importantly it keeps the patient always full i.e. it is absolutely ‘Zero Oil and Zero Hunger Diet’. The key features of the diet are; it allows all the fruits like apple, guava, pear, oranges, melons, berries, papaya, and even bananas, mangoes, cheeku, grapes also up to some extent.
It allows all the vegetables available, from regular ones like Ghia, tori, tinda, karela, kaddu, (all gourds), brinjal, ladyfinger, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, tomato, potato, etc. All cereals and pulses like rice, chapatti, idli, uthappam, dhokla, khakhra, etc, and dals, rajma, chhole, etc.

All it bans is oil and fat, which includes all animal products, non-vegetarian food (as both of them contain cholesterol, if one can omit cholesterol from them then some of them could be consumed like skimmed milk and egg white), all nuts (even almonds and walnuts, which are being promoted as ‘good for heart’ food) and of course cooking oil, ghee, butter, mayonnaise, margarine, cheese, etc.