For all the diseases of the world, there should be a cause. But for heart disease, the causes are in multiple. Each of them increases the risk of a heart attack – so the term called Risk factor was creased. The Framingham Study – the biggest and the longest and most prestigious study in the world – after about 20 years identified these causes behind the heart disease and termed them as Risk factors. The main risk factors which carry weight are about 14 of them – some of the deposit themselves (fats), some lead to speeding of block formation.

The materials that form the blockage

Two basic kinds of fats – that can lead to the formation of the blocks are Cholesterol and Triglycerides. They mostly come from our food and some are manufactured inside our liver. Cholesterol is present in Animal foods – milk (and Milk Products), any kind of meat or fish are full of Cholesterol. All plant foods are free from Cholesterol. Triglycerides are all kinds of oils, butter, ghee, and dry fruits like Almond, cashew nuts, groundnut, etc. These two join with some proteins called Lipoproteins to form LDL – which ultimately deposit inside the inner wall of the heart arteries called Coronary arteries.

So, naturally, our common sense would agree that the supply of these two items must be cut in the food drastically – especially for heart patients. So, Saaol advises people to cook without oil, avoid nuts, and all animal foods. Maximum fats should be taken out of milk before consumption.

What speeds up the blockage?

Six more factors – High Blood Pressure, High Blood sugar, Obesity, Tobacco (Smoking, Zarda, and Gutka, etc), Alcohol and Stress has the capacity to speed up the blockage. For example, if someone with normal Blood Pressure is growing the blockage at the speed of 2% per year – with high Blood Pressure, he/she will grow the blockage at a speed of 3% per year. Hundreds of research studies have shown that each of these six can increase the pace of blocking by different mechanisms.

Thus, if we want to treat heart disease these factors must be first controlled. Otherwise, these will push us towards a heart attack. 

What slows down the blockages?

There are five more factors which have the capacity to stop or slow down the blockage process. The absence of these may thus be considered as Risk factors. They have protection capability against heart attack. These are – physical activity/exercise, plant-based zero oil whole food, Yoga, increased intake of Fruits & vegetables, and increased HDL (called Good Cholesterol). So, if we are looking at preventing heart disease or heart attacks we shall fail badly if we do not include these five as part of our treatment.

So, the heart patients must walk or exercise for at least 35 minutes of walk, practice Yoga, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (which provides us with Fiber and Antioxidants) regularly. Intake of Oil and animal food can be banned – thus we have developed thousands of Zero oil Recipes from vegetable sources. It is also advised to consume whole food instead of refined food.HDL Cholesterol or High-density Lipoproteins Cholesterol (HDLC) is a member of the lipid family which has the ability to withdraw Cholesterol from the blockage and thus be increased in the blood. Unfortunately, it is not available from any outside sources or food – it is manufactured by our body. This product can be increased by walking, Stress management, and increased intake of Green vegetables. HDL should be more than 25% of Cholesterol level in the blood for protection of heart attack.