In the last ten years or so Saaol heart program – the only scientifically designed program to treat heart disease without the use of bypass surgery or angioplasty – has spread all over the country. Millions have used Sasol’s books and lectures to change their way of living and have been able to control or prevent heart disease all over India. Over seven thousand confirmed heart patients have personally joined Saaol training programs in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and got successfully treated by Saaol Heart Program. This program, which was developed by me and my colleagues over the past ten years, has become very popular amongst the heart patients.
Developed initially as a part of my research work in the All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi, Saaol has been continuously modified to make it more easy, more practical and friendly. The results were so good that each and every heart patient treated by us talked to each other and the message kept on spreading. It was the word of mouth that spread Saaol heart program more though it was not actively supported by the cardiology community. The spread of this non-invasive treatment was not going to help them financially in the long run – the cardiologists realized. But many good doctors appreciated the scientific reasoning behind the program and sent their patients to us. The most affected were the heart hospitals who lost patients to us – as more and more and more people joined us refusing to undergo bypass surgery or angioplasty. Many who could not join Saaol started zero oil food and tried to read our books and listened to the CDs and followed us. They survived and got better- while given the threat of death in a day or two by the heart hospitals.

The main theory of Saaol is based on the fact that the reasons of the heart artery blockages must be removed to treat heart disease. This simple logic not only worked but could impress heart patients who do not have medicals knowledge about heart disease. When they joined Saaol heart program they came to know details of the fourteen main causes of coronary heart disease (scientific name of heart disease) and how to work on all of them using the science and the art together. They learned about the details of the medicals treatment, tests, drugs, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and so on from our doctors; learnt about the details of the diet, zero oil cooking, calorie counting, fibres and antioxidants from our dieticians; they practically learned from our yoga experts about the yogasans relaxation exercises, meditations which were specially designed for the heart patients. They were also taught a detailed way to control their mind and reduce stress; communicate in a way that cuts down the quarrels; they were also trained to know what exertion, physicals activities and exercise to do and avoid; they were also trained to follow their tests and improvements on the basis of reduction of the drugs in the later stage.

All these were combined with the medical drugs treatment to keep these heart patients safe and make up for the deficiencies in lifestyle changes that individuals may have. This worked tremendously for our patients. They improved in thousands. They went back and sent more people. We not have angiographies to show the reversals., TMT tests which have turned negative from positive in thousands of cases.

If you also know a heart patient please let him know that if he wants to cure himself without cutting the body and without a lot of drugs Saaol heart Program can help him/her. Recommend them to read our books and CDs on heart disease.