The blockage occurs due to the slow but steady deposits of fatty material – cholesterol and triglycerides inside the arteries of the heart and our modern lifestyle have allowed it to grow. The most material solution to coronary heart disease lies in adopting a permanent process, which not only arrests the progress of the blockage but also reverses the same. In order to slowly reverse the blockage, an ideal body environment is required in which cholesterol and fat be picked up from the blockages.
SAAOL Heart program helps people to create that ideal body environment by training them on how to cut down all the risk factors simultaneously, which includes complete education and understanding of coronary heart disease carefully practically possible stress management programme, cessation of tobacco intake or smoking and a food awareness that consists zero oil cooking training. Thus, it directs one into a perfect lifestyle, which can reverse the blockage. All these have to be done under the guidance of Cardiologists, Dieticians, yoga Experts in order to avoid complication – which is easy to develop for heart patients
Hence, the ideal and the most scientific treatment of CHD would naturally be controlling or modifying risk factors for the development of heart disease.

Physical –
1. Developing managing stress, anxiety, worry, and anger.
2. Maintaining a normal body weight.

Behavioral –
1. Properly managing stress, anxiety, worry, and anger.
2. Saying no to smoking and tobacco-related products.
3. Avoiding the intake of visible oil in food.
4. Avoiding alcohol consumption.

Medical –

1. Maintaining normal blood pressure
2. Maintaining normal serum Cholesterol
3. Maintaining normal HDL Cholesterol
4. Maintaining serum Triglycerides
5. Maintaining normal blood sugar

If Heart disease has to be prevented, these factors should be properly controlled. The development of CHD is closely linked to three factors, first of all, the level of increasing stress in daily Life is very important. Secondly, the level of decreasing physical activity and lastly, faulty dietary patterns pursued all are equally important.