Summer is here and so is the season for yummy Kairi (raw mango) and Mangoes. Considered the king of the fruits, mangoes are loved by people of all age groups. Apart from being tasty, mangoes also offer a number of health benefits. The sweet and aromatic taste of mangoes can refresh the mind and make you feel happy. But have you tried to eat unripe mangoes? An unripe mango yields sufficient vitamin C. The mango is the most widely consumed fresh fruit in the world.
The mango comes in over 50 varieties, ranging in color from greenish, yellowish, to reddish, often tinged with purple, pink, orange-yellow, or red.

1.) It is an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and E, Calcium, Iron and 82% magnesium which is vital for the extraction of wastes in the body.
Vitamin C increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and boosts the formation of new blood cells. It also aids the absorption of iron and prevents bleeding tendencies.
3.) Raw mangoes contain an acid which helps ease digestion and control constipation.
4.) They also help skin soften and breathe making it healthy.
5.) Raw mangoes are good for hormonal health.
6.) Eating unripe mangoes with salt prevents the excessive loss of water from the body, and helps to quench thirst.
7.) Unripe mangoes are a rich source of pectin, which if mixed with honey and salt, is highly beneficial in treating gastrointestinal disorders.
8.) Unripe mangoes also have more antioxidants than ripe mangoes.

Raw Mangoes Recipes

Raw mangoes are firm and they are not as juicy as the ripe one. It is more a versatile fruit when it comes to cooking mangoes. Once you taste it, you won’t be able to stop eating it soon you will be adding it to everything!!!
This aromatic fruit is a greener version of the ripe and juicy mangoes. Raw mangoes are soury and green in color.

1.) Raw Mango Salad – This salad is great meal filler. You can add corn, juicy tomatoes in it. It offers a burst of flavors. All you need is raw mango, onions, chilli, mint, lettuce and little bit of sugar make a perfect combination of sweet, spice and sour.

2.) Raw Mango Rice – This recipe pairs the tartness of raw mango with the rice. Perfect for a light lunch, rice is cooked with raw mangoes, curry leaves and lentils. It is a great comfort food.

3.) Aam Panna – A soothing summer drink that cools your body from within. Aam Panna is a healthy and fresh alternative to your fizzy drinks or packaged juices. It is a desi drink which is not only refreshing but also energizing.

4.) Dal with Raw Mango – This is a famous dish from Uttar Pradesh. Toor dal is made with lot of spices, raw mangoes and finished with a crackling zeera tempering.

5.) Raw Mango Chutney – The perfect accompaniment for your summer meals, this quick chutney brings together the best ingredients of the season. Tangy and spicy, this chutney is prepared from raw or unripe mango and is typically eaten as a side dish.