Part 7- Management of Lack of Reflexes at Old age

Ageing slows down our reflexes and makes us prone to fall injury or accidents. In medical science there is a test called “Reflex time” – you see a light and push a button. The time is recorded. The difference between the two is called Reflex time. It varies from 50 to 200-mile seconds (one second is 1000mile seconds). It has been seen it reduces with ageing. This becomes more problematic when you are driving and suddenly you need to brake – the older people will take more time to this but the young are very good at it. Another example is avoiding fall injury. You slip while walking – a good reflex reaction can save you from falling, whereas a slow reflex leads to fall.


There is nothing to worry about this problem as it is normal and may not interfere with daily life. But people may need to slow down while driving, cycling, or climbing stairs. Holding someone and taking support while negotiating a difficult terrain is advised. Regular walk and flexibility exercise like yoga can help. Regular practice can increase out reflex time and can be done in some cases.

Medical Management

Only required if you have a fall injury or accident.