Part-4 Neurological Problems of Old Age

Ageing occurs all over the body and the brain, nerve system will not be an exception. The good thing about ageing is gaining experience of life. The more years you live the more experience you gather about life, about your profession – you become more mature. Your experience helps you to deal with problems in a more matured way – whereas the young group make a lot of mistakes and suffer.
But with ageing, some unwanted changes in the brain are almost universal and are bound to come to all but are not so serious. These are forgetfulness(loss of recent memory), lack of sleep/disturbed sleep, loss of hearing, slowing down of reflexes. The last three are well accepted, but the memory loss leads to a worry – “if this increases what will happen in future?”
The most important are the diseases that may occur with old age in the nervous system. The following are the list of diseases is more common in the aged population:

  1. Stroke/Paralysis

  2. Parkinsonism(disease of Tremor)

  3. Epilepsy

  4. Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

  5. Spondylosis (neck or back)

  6. Depression

  7. Anxiety Neurosis

  8. Delirium

  9. Hypochondriasis

                If we divide these diseases into groups according to cause-

  •  The first group is because of the lack of blood supply (stroke/paralysis)

  • The second group is because of biochemical changes in the brain cells and loss of brain cells (parkinsonism, dementia and epilepsy)

  •  The third group is because of compression of the nerves (spondylosis) and the fourth group is because of malfunctioning of the brain/mind on the whole (depression, anxiety, delirium and hypochondriasis).