Can food be prepared by boiling?
Yes, food can be prepared by boiling. Boiling involves cooking in water. In this case, the medium for transferring heat is water. Water receive heat by conduction through the sides of the utensils in which the food is cooked and pass on the heat by convection currents which equalizes the temperature and become very vigorous when boiling commences. Water is a poor conductor of heat and its heat capacity is high,i.e. It requires more heat than any other liquid of the same weight to raise the temperature. The boiling point of water is 100c.

Can we make use of Steaming?
Yes, you can make use of the streaming method for cooking food. Steaming is cooking by moist heat, i.e. steam direct or indirect. Indirect steaming is done when the food is placed in a closed pan, which is surrounded by plenty of steam from fast boiling water or in a steamer. The food item could be protected with greaseproof paper or cloth or aluminum foil to prevent water from getting into the food material.
Direct streaming is placing the article in a perforated container or on a covered plate over a source of water.
Basic Rules:-
1. Only suitable food items should be steamed, as it is cooked slowly. Green vegetables are not suitable as they lose Colour.
2. Root vegetables including potatoes must be placed on the performed tray, that will allow condensed steam to circulate and cook them.
3. It is a good method for invalids as the steamed foods are easily digested. Nourishment and flavor are retained in the food and usually, the food cannot be easily over cooked.

Can we make use of Baking?
Yes, you can make use of baking. But in baking one should avoid greasing the breaking tray. Baking is cooking of food by the action of dry heat in an oven. The degree of dryness of heat may be modified by the amount of steam produced from the items baked. Bread rolls, cakes, pastries, puddings, potatoes, vegetables, farinaceous dishes etc. are the products, which can be baked easily.
During baking, the mixture or moisture in the product expands by air steam or carbon dioxide.

Basic Rules:-
Items should be placed in the right position in the oven; the cool spots should be avoided.
The oven should have the correct temperature according to the baked items, the e.g rich cake should have a lower temperature, than pastries, which should have a high temperature.