Part 13 – Mind control and stress management for weight reduction

Though cutting calories in the food (not the amount of food) and doing more activities form the main theme of weight reduction – the mind is the very important determinant of any weight management program. Without controlling the emotional brain- neither one can control the diet nor the regularity will be maintained in walking and so on.

Yoga or meditation is one of the most suitable physical and mental training that can help an overweight person. Meditation will develop steadiness of the mind, make it calm and patient. The practice does not take a lot of time and involves no cost. Some yoga exercises are very helpful in reducing the tummy and allow the person more fit and trim.
The emotional brain is unstable nature- increased urge to eat whatever they get. This occurs especially when they are under stress, excitement or depressed. Yoga can be very useful on such occasions.
In our mind there is a rational brain (called cerebral cortex)– which is very intelligent, sharp, help us in learning and keeps the learned things in the memory. It can analyze every happening, understand the consequence and reasoning behind every happening. The cerebral cortex knows that fats are high calories and thus will never allow one to consume them for weight reduction. But the main culprit is the emotional cortex- which overrules the cerebral cortex and allows consumption of fatty food. Almost all the overweight people when they eat high calorie fried items and sweets know that they are not good- but under the influence of emotional brain still, eat them.
Meditation of ten minutes daily is prescribed to all the obese people- so that they develop willpower and manage the emotional brain well. This will make people more willing to follow the diet program.