Part 11- Important tips to stay Fit & Healthy at Old Age


Drink a glass of lukewarm or freshwater, first thing in the morning after mouth wash and ablutions. Fresh lime and honey may be added if desired.

• Dry massage your scalp, face, feet and other parts of the body with hands to tone it up and stimulate circulation.

• Have light exercise for 15 minutes, in open air, every day. Do not tire yourself. In case of any disabilities, consult your doctor before starting the exercise.

• Have your meals at regular intervals in small quantities. Do not overeat; chew your food well as your stomach does not have any teeth to masticate it. Learn to balance your diet for proper nutrition. Avoid fatty and highly spiced foods.

• Do not rush through your meals, avoid tensions, and relax while eating. Eat-in company to enjoy the food.

• Do not eat anything one hour before you go to bed at night.

• Avoid constipation. Treat it immediately and do not neglect. It is the major cause of your digestive disorders and related ailments.

• Reduce tea and coffee intake; avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

• Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water to maintain water level and body temperature as well as to avoid constipation.

• Wash your face, hands, and feet and brush your teeth before retiring to bed for the night.

• Have a brief nap during the afternoon. This will relax you.

• Have good, sound sleep at night without disturbance; 6 to 8 hours of sleep is healthful.

• Control your temper and emotions. Do not get agitated over trifling. This will lessen your mental tension.

• Cultivate a hobby to utilize your leisure.

• Involve yourself in some community social work to keep you usefully engaged during your spare time. Join some volunteer groups in your neighborhood.

• Participate in social, cultural, and spiritual activities for emotional integration.

• Practice yoga and meditation for physical and mental relaxation.

• Follow the nature cure regimen