Can heart patients make use of microwave cooking for preparing food?
Yes, heart patient can use microwave cooking. A microwave is a form of energy it is not heated. The principle of microwaves involve a type of electronic heating and is concerned with the production of high-frequency waves from an oscillator tube called a magnetron. The electromagnetic waves have energy and this energy is transported to the desired load for heating. The energy created is transported to the desired load for heating. The energy created penetrates article of food to the depth of “3” and causes the molecules that make up the food to rub together and create friction, supplying the heat, which cooks or reheats the food. Microwaves do not heat the oven cavity. Microwaves are reflected by many metal items and therefore are unsuitable for them. It is excellent as a re-heater.

Can one use the grilling method for cooking food?
Yes, one can use the grilling method for cooking food. Grilling consists placing the food below or above a red-hot surface, when under the heater by radiation only. This results in the browsing of many foods. Then the heat is more slowly conduct through the surface of the food downwards. As heating is mostly superficial, grilled food is usually reversed or rotated in the oven. If the food is above the heater heat is transmitted to do the food through convection currents, as well as radiations with consequent increases efficiency.
Basic Rules of Grilling.
1. Items for grilling must be small in size, flattened and on top.
2. Heat should be intense to enable sealing at once and coloring a brown crust should form.
3. Grill bars should be cleaned.

Can we make use of Roasting method?
Yes, you can make use of the roasting method. Roasting is done by the direct exposure of the food to fire or on a hot vessel. Roasting involves no fat. Roasting is same as baking, but it is carried out in an oven temperature of 120 to 126 C. In roasting the food is partially cooked by dry heat and practically by moist heat if the food has the high moisture content. In roasting heat is transferred directly on to container of the food through which it is conducted to the food.