Obesity or overweight is an emerging health problem in the western world where people are so rich that they can easily afford a rich diet (the food filled with fat). In India, the same thing is happening the labor class, who cannot afford to pay for fat-rich food, sweets, and meat and do a lot of exercise/physical activity do not show obesity. Whatever high calories they eat they burn it down by their physical labor. The problem with the rich socioeconomic class is that they don’t need to perform physical activities that need a lot of calories. On the other hand, they will be able to afford high-calorie ice-creams, ghee, fried sweets, dry fruits, butter, cream biscuits, puri, and parantha. Once the calories consumed becomes more than they burn the fats start accumulating all over the body and obesity results.
fitness has become an important area of concerns in recent years among a large group of the population, due to which people have started gathering more information on these and the easiest way for this in the hi-tech world of today is of course internet which has been instead of providing correct information, baffling them with contradictory, sometimes innovative and very ‘commercial’ information; whose scientific authenticity and relevance in this part of the world could always be put on questions. The next handy option for them is ‘best sellers’ books on diet, nutrition, weight loss, workouts, yoga, etc giving all possible information to the reader except a simple one: ‘how to get ideal body weight?’

The person in quest of information definitely gets a catch on some, and he interprets it as per his understanding and ‘convenience’, this little and off-track information are actually proving fatal. In desperation of losing weight, they follow the unscientific tips, illogical diet plans and absolutely absurd tactics of fitness, leading them to malnutrition, deficiency of some of the other nutrient, fatigue, low work capacity, irritability and most important resistant to weight loss after a certain point of time and regaining the lost weight as soon as one is back to normal self.

People eating several scoops of fried ‘bhujia” maybe around lunchtime and telling that this is the first thing which is going in my mouth since morning. Do you know 1 scoop (tablespoon) of fried ‘bhujia’, gives 80 Kcal of energy! Can you believe it! This means if you are taking ‘only’ 5 scoops then also you are taking 400 Kcal of energy, something which is much more than what you should be taking in your breakfast!

As Dr. Chhajer consult the patients, sometimes he gets confused about their rock stone confidence they show about their knowledge on fitness, diet, and nutrition Dr. Chhajer finds it easy to explain a completely ignorant person about healthy eating correct lifestyle, than a half-informed person. The reason for gaining weight is the lack of information full or partial. People lack simple and basic information about calories, they do not know, what is a calorie, how many calories they require in 24 hrs to maintain weight, how much calorie they are spending in their particular day to day activity, which is a high-calorie food, which is a low-calorie food, what is a balanced diet, what to eat and what to avoid for weight loss, and most importantly which food carries how much calories.

Another question that people ask is “why the educated class who has so much knowledge also is obese?” The answer is they are diet illiterate, they do not know details about the calories. They do not know how to count calories. Even lots of doctors and dieticians are not so much educated about the practical aspect of calories. In the schools and colleges, they learn history, geography, algebra, and computers; they learn about literature, commence management, and fine art; they become engineers, advocates, MBAs, architects, software experts but nowhere have they learned about calories and practical aspects of calories. SAAOL would like to call them diet illiterate in that sense.