NATURE- Cheaper than Therapy

In the last 200 years there has been a tremendous progress in the field of Science and Technology. We have also seen similar progress in Medical Science. We can now make new things – the best of the cars, machines, computers, iPods, telephones, airplanes. In Medical Science inventing new medicines and tests.
But we are still not able to go anywhere near the technology of nature. We cannot make a fruit, leaf or flower. We do not even understand the technology about how the fruits grow from a small size to a bigger size. If we could replicate this technology we could have made a small car and let it grow to a big car! Will such technology come in near future! The answer is No.
Leave aside making things which nature has made – we cannot also repair the nature. If someone cut a fruit, can you join it again? If someone plucks a flower, can you put it back to the trees? Impossible! If someone open the packing of pomegranate and separate out all the grains, can you rearrange the grains again and make the same packing? Again impossible!
Think of the same for the human body the best of the nature’s creations. If we cut or disturb the body with a cutting machine or the wire (as in Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty) – can the body be same? This is the reason of all the complications of these two operations. The additional problem is that the body has been manipulated. In an undisturbed body the blockages have taken 30-40 years to grow but after the disturbances of these operations the blockaging time is drastically reduced (in other words the blockages grow very fast). After Angioplasty it is few months to years and after Bypass Surgery it is average of five years. It is similar to a rose in the plant and after cutting it from the plant. In the plant it would have lasted for ten more days, but after it is separated it is spoiled in one day.
God/Mother nature has built the human body – the best ever machine in the world with utmost care. Every part of the body, made from billions of cells, perform specific functions. They are all living and survive on the foods made from nature. All the organs are made to last for about 100 years. If any disease comes – body defend itself; if any injury comes – body can heal itself. God also created herbs – powerful plant based medicines which can also accelerate repair or healing process. The cure also comes from nature. The allopathic formulations mostly made from chemicals are not so much suitable to this natural body. They do not cure and even if they have some curable properties they do not last long and have undesirable side effects.
At SAAOL, we believe in Nature. We wanted to treat heart disease without cutting the body. We call it Non-Invasive Treatment. Allopathic Medicines have some side effects but still do not cause a permanent disturbance. We have adopted them for their quick and almost sure shot actions.
Ayurveda is also something having a strong belief. There was a cancer patient who declared as worst cancer patient at AIIMS 27 years back, is still alive with Ayurveda and Homeopathy. Nature has given cure for the nature’s body. These herbs are supposed to cure the body from illnesses. SAAOL believe if Ayurveda herbs are selected properly and in right dosage it can cure heart disease. If dying Lakshman (in Ramayana) could be saved by herbs from near death conditions, why not Heart!!!