Myths about Heart Disease

We realized that heart patients have hundreds of false beliefs. They harm their heart because of these myths. The culprit for this wrong information may be oil companies who market their products wrongly, ill-informed family members who spread such information confidently, and meek doctors who ignore implications of such wrong information and want to please heart patients at the expense of their heart disease.

Following are the Myths about Heart Disease:

1.) Oil and Triglycerides are different.
2.) Cholesterol and Triglycerides are the same.
3.) Blockages once built up – cannot be reversed.
4.) Soybean Oil/Sunflower Oil/Mustard Oil/ and Olive Oil is good for the Heart.
5.) Cholesterol is present in most Oils.
6.) Zero Oil is not healthy.
7.) Milk does not harm heart patients.
8.) If I do not take milk, the body will not get any calcium.
9.) Eating white meat is healthy.
10.) Alcohol is good for the heart and health.
11.) Serum Cholesterol level of 200 mg/dl is alright.
12.) Serum Cholesterol level of 150 mg/dl is excellent.
13.) Nuts are healthy as they increase HDL.
14.) In genetic cases of heart disease there is no dieting.
15.) Eating eggs are healthy for the heart.
16.) Before 18 years of age children can take any amount of Oil.
17.) One or two almonds every day is good for heart.
18.) Food will not be tasty if we do not add Oil while cooking
19.) If I take regular medicines heart attack will never happen.
20.) Angioplasty/Bypass Surgery is a permanent treatment.
21.) A Heart Attack stops the heart from beating.
22.) Stroke is another name for Heart Attack.
23.) Heart disease is a disease of middle age and older years.
24.) Men are much more likely to get heart disease than women.
25.) Since I am thin and I exercise, I am not at risk of heart attack.
26.) A low-fat diet is all need to work on for heart health.
27.) Heart disease is a problem of the rich class or higher class.
28.) Now I have experienced a heart attack, it is too late to change for the better.
29.) If your weight is normal and your cholesterol is normal, you’re safe.
30.) Cigarettes and Cigars are bad for the lungs, not the heart.
31.) If you’ve smoked for a long time, quitting now won’t help to prevent heart disease?
32.) Eating a lot of vitamin E protects your heart (Multi-Vitamins, Calcium Supplements)
33.) Exercising three times a week is enough.
34.) Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, which causes heart disease, begins at about the age of 40.
35.) Your treadmill stress ECG was normal; therefore you don’t have heart disease and will not get a heart attack.
36.) If you have no risk factors and lead a stress-free lifestyle, then you will not develop heart disease.
37.) Dark chocolate is good for heart.