Love and Intimacy

Love and intimacy are the opposite words of loneliness, isolation and alienation. In this modern era, we are gradually getting away from love and intimacy. Reducing closeness among family members and friends are getting us isolated and lonely. We are getting emotionally less and less supported. This is one of the major reasons of psychosomatic diseases like heart disease, depression, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, phobia, tension, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, stroke, peptic ulcer, and diabetes. Now cancer is also supposed to be related to isolation and lack of family support and love.

Let us understand the connections between love/intimacy and disease. We, human beings have a brain which is like a supercomputer. It can recollect events happened twenty years back, it remembers what we learn in schools and colleges. It can count, analyze, imagine the sequence of events which can happen, compose sentences, co-ordinate between millions of muscle cells to assure movement of the body. It receives signals from the surroundings through our sense organs, collates them, analyzes them and instantly takes actions in the form of speech, gestures, and actions. But the most important difference between the human brain and computer is that the computer has no emotions and the human brain has emotions. Robots which are the most advanced kind of computers also do not have emotions. Computer does an act and the result is there instantaneously. There is no emotion involved. It has no sorrow or anger. If human brain was exactly like a computer there would have been no love, happiness, anger, sorrow, disappointment, smile or cry. What makes us different from a supercomputer is our limbic brain called “Emotional Brain”. This emotional brain (medically known as the limbic cortex) is situated in the mid part of the brain and consists of parts called Hippocampus, Uncus, Mammillary Body, and Hypothalamus and so on. This emotional “brain” is connected to every part of our brain-computer and has the ability to control them. All our happiness and sorrow comes from there. Our life’s satisfaction, enjoyment, fulfilment as well as anger, hate, revenge, lust all are primarily controlled by the limbic brain. This limbic brain through hypothalamus – directly controls our anger reactions, blood pressure and hormones. All the psychosomatic diseases which are increasing these days – are directly and indirectly connected to our Hypothalamus. The major part of the rest of the brain is like a very advanced computer called “cerebral cortex”. But it has no emotion. It can receive information, store them, correctly analyze them and take logical actions. The emotional brain is not always logical. This is the part of the brain which needs love affection, emotional support, blessings and intimacy. It provides us with behaviours of satisfaction, happiness, enjoyment, sympathy and gratitude. Lack of love and emotional support, on the other hand, gives us unhappiness, sorrow, isolation, depression and insecurity. Without love and intimacy, our very survival will be at stake.