Long Term Treatment of Knee Pain

  1. Exercise: Regular moderate exercise can reduce pain by improving the strength, tone, and flexibility of muscles. The endorphins (body chemicals) released while exercising may also be helpful.
  2. Walk: regular walking on plain surface makes the joint flexible and removes joint stiffness. Sometimes it so happens that the person is grossly obese or unable to walk due to severe knee pain. In such a case they can do cycling, which cuts the load on the knee and allows the knee joints to move without pain. These cycles are available in the market in the name of Aerobic Cycles. One can do 15-20 minutes of cycling every day.
  3. Supplements: knee pain may be relieved by taking vitamin C to promote healing, the B vitamins to balance the nervous system, which reduces pain, and calcium to increase bone strength.
  4. Weight Reduction: by reducing the body weight one can reduce the load on the knee joint. This helps to reduce knee pain.
  5. Long-Term Drug Treatment: Corticosteroids can be used for long term treatment: like Tab. Dexona, Tab. Kenacort, Tab. Pericort.
  6. Alternative Treatment :

a) Several herbal remedies are recommended to relieve knee pain. Some remedies are used externally, while others involve internal use of herbs like :
• Comfrey oil rub (Symphytum officinale): for joint stiffness and aching joints.
• Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) essential oil rib: for swelling
• Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root hot compress or bath: for joint stiffness, arthritis, and degenerative joint disease.
• Mustard (Sinapsis alba) powder bath or paste (with alcohol) for knee pain.

b) Acupressure: Pressing the stomach-36-point located below the kneecaps tones muscles and relieves joint pain anywhere in the body.

c) Acupuncture: Inflammation and pain may be relieved by acupuncture. The large intestine meridian is the most effective channel for pain relief.

d) Food Therapy: Following a detoxification diet may restore nutritional balance to the body and relieve joint pain.

e) Hydrotherapy: A warm compress can relieve joint stiffness and dull pain. A cold compress or ice pack can relieve sharp, intense pain.

f) Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic fields may increase blood flow and block pain signals.

g) Massage: Joint pain may be relieved by massaging the area above and below the painful joint.