Lifestyle related diseases like Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity are the four major diseases which the modern medical science has failed miserably to control. But there are many more diseases which are greatly contributed by Stress and these are called psychosomatic diseases. There are other problems and diseases which are partly contributed by wrong lifestyle. All the diseases are increasing in high speed and this obviously depicts the failure of modern medical science in controlling these diseases.
Let us see some diseases related to wrong lifestyle. These are given below:

Most Common Lifestyle diseases:

1.) Coronary Heart Disease
2.) High Blood Pressure
3.) Diabetes
4.) Obesity

Disease partly contributed by lifestyle:

1.) Cancer
3.) Osteoarthritis
4.) Allergy, Rhinitis

Psychosomatic Diseases:

1.) Headache
3.) Anxiety neurosis
4.) Peptic Ulcer/Gastritis
5.) Cervical Spondylosis
6.) Insomnia
7.) Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
8.) Bronchial Asthma
9.) Backache
10.) Stroke /Paralysis

Heart disease is number one killer of Indians today and high blood pressure, diabetes have become the reasons of death indirectly in an equal number of cases. Much of the resources of medical science is going into waste in treating these patients with medicines, insulin and bypass surgery/angioplasty. It has helped the heart hospitals to make more money; pharma companies to sell more drugs on regular basis and cardiologists/physicians the highest earner doctors. The medical science is moving towards failure if we look at the scenario with common sense. In contrast, the modern medical science succeeded tremendously in case of Small pox and Polio – where the number of these patients went to zero.

Causes of the Lifestyle diseases and the medical science

When we are born and grew up we did not have these lifestyle diseases. We were healthy. But stress of modern life, lack of exercise, bad food intake, bad habits and lack of proper advice by our treating physicians – which can be termed as bad lifestyle has made us suffer from high Blood pressure, Diabetes and Obesity. When these continue for years – the excessive fats (namely the Cholesterol and Triglycerides) keep on depositing inside the heart tubes leading to a more dreadful heart disease. Since the heart tubes has blood flow three times its maximum need – the patients only come to know about the heart disease when the blocks reach about 70%. The number of all these patients have crossed 5 crore each. If we analyze the reasons of these diseases more extensively – Stress is one of the major factors for all these lifestyle diseases. Along with stress – lack of physical activities and exercises; availability of more fatty food, lack of fruits and vegetables in diet has been further worsening of the lifestyle diseases. When the disease comes – people approach the most common and popular doctors i.e. allopathic or modern medicines doctors – who have no time to look at the reasons of the disease. They just prescribe the allopathic medicines which do a temporary correction. The lifestyle correction advice never really reaches the patients due to a number of factors. Not that the modern medical science do not teach their students (the modern doctors) that to treat any disease one should remove the reason of the disease – but for their materialistic benefits the modern medical doctors have ignored the most crucial point of the treatment. It suits them. Knowingly they avoid taking the right path. Not that all of them are to be blamed – some of the doctors try to advice the patients – but half heartedly and do not give them a complete and effective plan. The net result is the increase of the number of patients suffering from these lifestyle diseases and the failure of modern medical science.