Is Diet alone, sufficient for reversing Heart Disease?

A big ‘No’ again. Though, diet forms an integral part of our prescription of lifestyle modification for reversal, change of diet only is not enough for causing of reversal of heart disease. Assuming that, the maximum marks for reversal is 100 then following the diet prescribed will give you only 30 marks. The rest can be obtained by a combination of exercises, yogasana, meditation and the practice of stress management techniques.

SAAOL is here to help the heart patients to reverse heart disease. It advocates a new outlook towards life, a guided lifestyle for cutting down the stresses, living a life where exercises forms an important component, loving people around you, doing meditation, quit smoking or tobacco, controlling anger, and working adequately to dispense your responsibilities in life. All components are necessary.

Heart disease is caused due to a number of reasons. That is what, in medical science described as a multifactorial disease. Even if all of these reasons are present in one’s lifestyle it will take a minimum of ten years to develop a blockage severe enough to cause heart disease. In the reversal process, the theory is to withdraw all these reasons as far as possible. So, by changing only the diet you will be able to change about 30%of the reasons (this may vary from person to person, depending on how dependent they were on oil-rich diet initially). But for reversal, we need more change then food habits alone.

Now let us count the reasons first – the reasons that lead to heart disease. These are :

1. Stress in the form of anger, worry, anxiety, and fear.
2. High cholesterol in food and blood.
3. High triglycerides (or fat/oil) in food and blood.
4. Low HDL cholesterol (also called food cholesterol).
5. Lack of exercises and physical activity.
6. Diabetes or high blood sugar levels.
7. High blood pressure of hypertension.
8. Overweight or obesity.
9. Smoking and consumption of tobacco.
10. Consumption of alcohol.
11. Lack of fibers in the diet.
12. Lack of antioxidants in the diet.

Naturally, reversal will call for control over almost all the above factors. The last 25 years of experience have shown us thousands of people doing this and achieving the reversal of heart disease. A complete training can help in the same, along with a good follow-up.