Individualized Life Spiritualism

People in this modern life face so many difficulties, so much mismanagement of life sectors (money, family, work, and society) uncertainty because of failure of infrastructure, corruption, inefficient implementation of rule of the land (by police, judiciary and government officers), exploitations by business groups, organisations, politicians, rule brokers. All these have made of our life uncomfortable and uncertain. Plus people, in general, has become more self-centred, selfish. Interpersonal interactions have gone bad to worse. The logic, principles are not working. Stress has almost touched the roof. People need to get out of these stresses. People are not computers (100% based on logic). They are logical to a certain extent but they have a non-logical emotional brain also. This, emotional component of the brain when faced with so many uncertainties, so many variations – often find logic is not working. So, they need support. This is often provided their faith in God. In Hindu religion and other religions, there are so many gods. Every person selects a particular God by chance, by way of parents, friends and so on. Whenever they are in trouble they seek emotional support from God and pray for luck.

People need a general guideline to live their life – which they can adhere to. This is provided by religion. Then many people following a particular religion form a group, a society. They interact with each other to support each other, pray together and follow some common customs. These common rules, customs are guided by religious leaders.
Most people follow a particular religion (like Hindu, Christians, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists) and visit temples/ churches/ mosque/ places of worships to feel relaxed and pray (for luck, blessings and wellbeing). They also get psychological support in these places of worship. But now because of the differences of thinking of the religious gurus, their selfishness, ego in many cases – generations after generations sub religions or sects have come up. They are fighting with each other.

When many people approach the temples, religious places to cut down stress they find corrupt priests, groups, exploitation in the name of religion, favouritism towards rich and powerful they get more unhappy and stressed. When they find business, corruption, money, politics have entered the religious officers they start losing faith in them too.
When they find the spiritual leaders/gurus are also following the same trend and exploitations, business is rampant in their life – their belief in these gurus also go down. Every day we find one or other Guru getting implemented with sex racket, income tax racket, murders to common people it appears that becoming Guru has also become a business profession.
This is where there is a need of Individualized Life is Spirituality. There will be no particular Guru, no particular religion, no group attached to spirituality. There will be some ground rules to be followed. Educated people are now more and more getting towards this trend.