Despite the progress of medical science, the technological advancement of the modern-day in studying our body more people are having health problems. The diseases related to stress (Psycho-somatic diseases) and body metabolism (metabolic diseases) are in the increase. Increasing income has had a direct impact on rising heart diseases in India and even youngsters below 35 years of age are prone to heart attacks, more because of the lifestyle changes that the money has brought in.

Today, all over the world, Heart Disease (Coronary heart disease) is the most common disease. It is on number one of the WHO list of major killer diseases. Though in some developed countries due to education, awareness, and diet modification the number is being checked it is still the most common. India and Asian countries are in the red zone as in these countries the number of heart patients is increasing at a very high speed. The positive side is that majority of them can delay heart disease if not avoid totally by bringing in minor changes in their lifestyle, including food habits. “Cut down on carbohydrates and include more protein, which will also help in cutting down the flab”.

In 1991 the WHO estimated about 1.6 crores (16 million) heart patients in India and in 2001 this number touched about 5 crores (50 million). This number is now estimated to grow to double by the year 2010 and triple by the year 2020. It kills more than 35 lacs (3.5 million) Indians per year. But these estimations are toward the lower side and the actual figures are expected to be more.
Unfortunately, these increasing figures do not suggest that the treatment programs adopted can check the disease at all. Unlike smallpox, polio control programs the present treatment of heart disease paint a sad picture of the treatment strategy adopted by the concerned organizations. Along with the increasing numbers of patients, there is mushrooming of cardiac hospitals who want to cash on the temporary treatments like Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty. The real causes of heart disease remain unknown to patients who are not so much educated. The causes of the disease not removed the disease but increase the disease.
If we focus on the cause of Coronary heart disease( also known as Angina, Ischaemia, Ischaemic Heart disease, blockages in the heart arteries, coronary artery disease a variant being a heart attack or myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest) ten or eleven of the fourteen causes are directly related to our food habits. And the rest is related to our lifestyle. These are called modifiable risk factors of heart disease. The Saaol diet revolution is focused on attacking these causes and lead to the prevention and cure of Heart disease.

The major risk factors of coronary disease which can be taken care of by our program are high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol, high VLDL, lack of fiber, lack of antioxidants. Our lifestyle component is supposed to take care of the rest of the reasons like lack of exercise, tobacco consumption, type A – hostile behavior, and psychological stress. This program is being followed by millions of people in India who have been able to prevent and cure coronary heart disease.