Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance, present everywhere in the body. Body requires 3 mg of cholesterol every day and our liver produces this much per day, so there is no requirement to get cholesterol from somewhere else. All the non-vegetarian foods contain cholesterol, from meat, fishes, and poultry to even milk and you must make a note here that no plant food can have cholesterol ever. That is why along with Zero Oil Food Saaol strongly asks for a total vegetarian diet, in fact, we also limit the milk and milk products because they are of animal origin and have cholesterol in it. In SAAOL we recommend 130 mg/dl, as a required level of cholesterol in the blood for reversal of heart disease. A level above this is very harmful to heart patients especially, as any ‘extra’ cholesterol will ultimately lead to further blockage in the coronary artery, and will slow down the healing process drastically. Dr. Bimal Chhajer has noticed many times doctors say that if your total cholesterol is within limit then it is alright, you don’t have to bother, and this limit is 140 to 200 mg/dl, sufficient enough to increase the blockage at the rate of 2% every year! This a casual approach is a key reason behind the increment of heart patients in India, if the Doctors intimate the patient that any extra cholesterol is harmful for you and you have to maintain the lower level of range, half of the problem of heart would be eradicated from the country.

Zero cholesterol food refers to foods completely devoid of cholesterol. This is a food plan that would not allow any intake of direct cholesterol through the foods. This food plan is mainly designed to reduce blood cholesterol levels. Since cholesterol is the main cause of the blockages in the blood vessels, hence the direct source of cholesterol through cholesterol-rich foods should be completely avoided. Foods rich in cholesterol include all animal foods. Cholesterol is solely an animal fat and is not present in any plant-based foods. Thus milk, milk products, meat, poultry meat, fish, whole egg are all rich sources of cholesterol.

No plant source can have cholesterol, so whenever Dr. Bimal Chhajer sees a caption written on vegetable oils ‘0 cholesterol’ or ’heart-friendly’ he feels strange for the mentality of these oil companies as they fool people around just to sell their product and make money. Innocent people, ignorant about these facts fall in the trap and buy these oils considering them ‘good’ for their heart. These oils, if not increase the cholesterol directly; increase it indirectly by increasing their total triglyceride in the blood, and worsen the condition of their heart further.