The key to good health is always making the best food choice. Normally, we try to make our meals nutritive and balanced, try to keep minimum oil in food and bother for most healthy food options, but most of the times we forget to make some smart choices when it comes to snacking or nibbling, which can actually make the major difference in our health.

Oily, fried, calorie-dense, and reheated snacks create serious alterations in our biochemical parameters and can cause serious health problems, like high cholesterol, hypertension, gastritis and of course obesity, in spite of the fact our routine diet is healthy.

Our eating habits are developed over the years; the choice of an unhealthy snack is so obvious, that we almost forget to opt for healthy options.

For example,

When we stand at the bus station we search for high calories food for eating like:-

•    Fruitcakes,

•    Biscuits,

•    Namkeens,

•    Oily samosas,

•    Patties,

•    Bread rolls,

•    Carbonated beverages,

rather than making simple choices like fruits, or roasted chana, or roasted or boiled corn, coconut water, which are not only cheaper but easily available also, the only reason behind this practice is that we are still not adapted for healthier food choices, and also somewhere the awareness has not reached the level where it could be turned in to practice.

This is one of the areas of diet where we fail very often a choice of these foods are more social than personal, we mostly do snack with friends, relatives or in the office, this choice has to cater to the interest of most of the crowd, we feel reluctance in asking for healthy choices as they are not very popular yet and moreover our own tongue is strongly biased for unhealthy snacks!

It is very important for a healthy life that we learn how to control and tame our  tongue; we must know the good food choices for snacking, and should have guts to say NO to our favorite but unhealthy food, because unhealthy eating between the meal have capacity enough to destroy all your efforts of healthy eating.

The food you can choose for snacking:-

1.      Fruits

2.      Vegetable Salad

3.      Vegetable Soup

4.      Sprouts

5.      Fresh fruit juices

6.      Mango Panna

7.      Roasted chana/ roasted chana chaat

8.      Boiled or roasted corns

9.      Multigrain roasted cereals ( diet mixtures)

10.  Zero oil snacks recommended in SAAOL

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