How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease?
The most rational solution to coronary heart disease lies in a permanent process which not only arrests the progress of the blockage but also reverses the same. The blockage has gradually occurred over a period of time consisting of several years, as the cholesterol from blood flows through the coronary arteries and get deposited (due to the risk factors) in the arterial wall. These deposits are mostly soft mass of fat with connective tissues and are in a reversible phase. It has now been proved that cholesterol and fat are easily dissoluble in the blood, and can be picked up from the blockages if we can create an ideal situation for this process to occur.

It is essential to create this ideal situation SAAOL Heart Programme helps and trains people to create these ideal situations; cutting down of all the risk factors at a time with a carefully selected set of Yogasanas, Meditation; a perfect practically possible stress management programme; complete education and understanding of coronary heart disease; cessation of tobacco intake, smoking, and food awareness-cooking training – directs one to a perfect lifestyle which can reverse the blockages. All of these have to be done under the guidance of Cardiologists, Doctors, Dieticians, and Yoga Masters in order to avoid complications – which are easy to develop for heart patients.

All heart patients know a little bit about some preventive measures, and they try doing these without much accuracy and consistency making unsuccessful efforts and finally submitting to the surgical treatment. Had it not been happening, none of these patients would go to a hospital in cases of emergency.

The SAAOL Heart Programme has developed this expertise over the last decade after a lot of experimentation and efforts. Each and every patient joining the programme in the initial phase has helped the programme to improve gradually. Heart attacks and other complications have been extremely low.

The SAAOL Heart Programme is not magic- it cannot perform like a magician or God who would remove the blockage in a moment. It takes at least two weeks to see the first sign of improvement. The improvement will also depend on efforts put in by patients, his/her age, stage of blockage, co-operation of family members and so on. We now have some Angiographies of our patients, done after attending the SAAOL Heart Programme which proves that blockages can be reversed.